How to write a Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

Do you need to write a scholarship recommendation letter for your student? As it’s a part of most scholarship applications, you must have encountered this situation many times when one of your students would have asked you to write him a recommendation letter.

A scholarship recommendation letter is about the candidate’s character, qualities, and achievements to fulfill the essential criteria of the scholarship application. The teacher needs to familiarize himself with scholarship requirements to ensure that the letter follows all the requirements.

Moreover, the teacher can only write it when he knows the student and is aware of his academic reputation. He should also interview the student to learn more about his extracurricular activities and any certification or awards that he may get relevant to the chosen scholarship.

So, if you are asked by someone to write a recommendation letter, learn how you can write a stellar letter with a sample presented in this article.

Purpose of the Recommendation Letter

A scholarship recommendation letter is primarily written by a teacher or professor but depending upon the situation, the employer or athletic coach can be the right choice to write this. While writing the letter, the author must understand the requirements and use his relationship with the candidate to justify why he recommends the candidate.

A well-written  letter helps the selection committee:

  • Understand the unique academic and extra-curricular qualities that the student has
  • Perceive how student’s qualities are coherent with scholarship requirements

Things to Include in a Recommendation Letter

A good scholarship recommendation must fill a page (300-500 words) and consist of the following components:


In the top left corner of the page, the author should write the following information:

  • Date of writing 
  • Name
  • Title
  • Institute name
  • Address


In 2-3 lines of the introduction, the author will introduce the candidate, mention the scholarship for which he is writing the letter and write his relationship and length with the candidate.

Paragraph 1, 2

  • In paragraph 1, the author will explain how the candidate fulfills the required criteria. The author can refer to candidate grades or other academic performances to explain the point.
  • In paragraph 2, the author should use solid examples to support his assessment.

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Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Scholarship recommendation letter sample


In the concluding paragraph, the author should emphasize his endorsement for the candidate and invite the selection committee to contact him by number or email. Also, sign the letter to show its authentication. 

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