10 Jobs that don’t Require a Degree

Looking for a job without having a degree? Luckily, you don’t require any degree to get a high-paying job. With the increasing demand for a more skill-based workforce, the emphasis is shifting from higher education and work experience to polished skills. There are plenty of professions in which you can start your career without a degree.

Many jobs don’t require a specific 4-year degree; instead, certain hard skills are the ultimate requirement for such jobs. People can get the skills through vocational training, workshops, apprenticeship, certificate programs, and two-year degree programs. 

Skill-based jobs are available in various industries, including healthcare, information technology (IT), and manufacturing. A lot of companies have now started paid training programs for candidates that convert into long-term jobs.

List of high-paying jobs in high demand that don’t require any degree

College degree

Computer Analysts

  • Education required: Computer related training
  • Median income: $90,920 per year
  • Job growth: 32%

Computer analyst protects the organization’s computer networks and systems.

Database Managers

  • Education required: Strong knowledge of database languages
  • Median income: $93,750 per year
  • Job growth: 10%

A database manager is also known as a database administrator and is involved in storing and organizing data using some specialized software. His main task is to secure the data and make it accessible to the right people.

Ultrasound Technician

  • Education required:  Associate degree or one year certificate
  • Median income: $73,293 per year
  • Job growth: 14%

Ultrasound technicians/Diagnostic medical sonographers work under physicians’ supervision to produce ultrasound images for patients. They work in hospitals, medical centers, and laboratories.

Radiologic Technician

  • Education required: Associate degree in MRI or radiological technology or certificate program.
  • Median income: $62,280 per year
  • Job growth: 7%

Radiologic Technicians work under the physician’s supervision and perform x-rays and other diagnostic imaging on patients. They help physicians in evaluating images to diagnose the disease.

Pharmacy Technician

  • Education required: One-year training certificate
  • Median income: $33,950 per year
  • Job growth: 7%

Pharmacy Technician assists pharmacists in dispensing medications to healthcare professionals and other customers. They may work in pharmacies, drug stores, hospitals, and private practices.

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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Education required: High school diploma +EMT basic training and certificate program.
  • Median income: $36,012 per year
  • Job growth: 6%

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) quickly respond to emergencies for providing immediate care to injured people and transport them for early medical care.


  • Education required: High school diploma + certificate program after on-job training.
  • Median income: $36,619 per year
  • Job growth: 6%

Dispatchers answer mobile workers’ calls, communicate messages with mobile workers, and assign them vehicles and customers for efficient working and timely response. They may work in transportation, medical emergency, or commercial services.

Hair Stylist

  • Education required: Cosmetology training program, State license, Additional certifications.
  • Median income: $36,482 per year
  • Job growth: 10%

Hairstylists style hair, perform certain scalp treatments, and cut and color the hair. They educate clients on hair care and using hairstyle products.


  • Education required: High school diploma, State driver’s license, Completed fire academy training (may require EMT license in some states)
  • Median income: $41,449 per year
  • Job growth: 6%

Firefighters’ work is to respond immediately to fires, car accidents, chemical spills, floods, and emergencies to rescue humans and animals.


  • Education required: High school diploma, plumbing in-class training, Plumbing apprenticeship, Plumber’s license.  
  • Median income: $55,160 per year
  • Job growth: 4%

Plumbers are professionals who install pipes, sinks, toilets, and other equipment for liquids and gases. They are responsible for reviewing building specifications and blueprints to check the placement of pipes and drainage systems.


These are just a few jobs that don’t require a degree. There are a lot more opportunities available. You can find a job without a degree requirement by polishing your skills in a specific field and then looking for job position advertisements on various job-seeking websites.

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