Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors Similar Professions

Amongst us, some people aim to help others and strive to bring a change in the community. For this purpose, they choose addiction and recovery counseling careers and work in related professions in diverse settings, in this case, substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors.

Looking at the substance abuse, addiction, and mental health cases, professions similar to substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors are in high demand worldwide. So, apart from the desire to help others and make a difference, high demand is another reason to choose this career.

With substance abuse counselors and behavioral disorder counselors as the No. 1 job in Best Social Services Jobs in 2020, there wouldn’t be any career options better than addiction and recovery careers.

Other career options similar to this profession

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors

Social and community service managers

  • Median annual salary: $67,150 (2019)
  • Job outlook: 17%(2019-2029)

They are the coordinators and supervisors of the programs and organizations that aim at public well-being. They may work for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, or profit social service companies, and the main requirement is to have at least a bachelor’s degree and work experience.

Social workers

  • Median annual salary: $50,470 (2019)
  • Job Outlook: 13% (2019-2029)

They are the professionals involved in helping people solve and cope up with their life problems. They can work in mental health clinics, schools, child welfare agencies, hospitals, and private practices.

Bachelor’s degree for the social worker and Master’s degree and 2 years of experience is a basic requirement for a clinical social worker.

School and career counselors

  • Median annual salary: $57,040 (2019)
  • Job outlook: 8% (2019-2029)

School counselors motivate the students and help them develop the academic and social skills needed to succeed in life. As the name suggests, career counselors help people choose the best career option according to their personality and the resources available.

School counselors and career counselors need a Master’s degree and state-issued credential.

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Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists

  • Median annual salary: $54,290(2019)
  • Job outlook: 4%(2019-2029)

Their job is to assist the rehabilitation process of law offenders in custody, probation, or parole. They work with probationers and parolees in high crime areas or institutions.

They need a bachelor’s degree and must pass oral, written, and psychological exams before employment.

Behavioral disorder, mental health, and substance abuse counselors

  • Median annual salary: $46,240 (2019)
  • Job outlook: 25%( 2019-2029)

Their role is to treat and counsel people suffering from drug addiction, mental health problems, behavioral problems, and alcoholism. They work in mental health and community health centers, prisons, and outpatient practice. 

Usually, the requirement varies from a high school diploma to a Master’s degree for behavioral disorder and substance abuse counselors, whereas a Master’s degree and internship are required for mental health counselors.

Health educators and community health workers

  • Median annual salary: $40,360 (2019)
  • Job outlook: 13%(2019-2029)

Health educators educate people on the positive behaviors to initiate and promote wellness. In contrast, community health workers collect health-related data and discuss the concerning points with populations and communities.

Health educators must have a bachelor’s degree and may require a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) credential. Community health workers require a high school diploma, some certifications, and on-the-job training.

Psychiatric technicians and aides

  • Median annual salary for psychiatric technicians: $33,780 (2019)
  • Median annual salary for psychiatric aides: $31,110(2019)
  • Job outlook: 12% (2019-2029)

They help counselors and other staff members deliver the needed therapeutic care to people with mental illness and developmental disabilities.

Aides are responsible for helping such people in their daily activities and keeping the environment safe and clean. They work in diverse settings like hospitals, outpatient centers, residential mental health facilities, and private doctor’s offices.

Usually, a postsecondary certificate and experience as a nursing assistant or a licensed practical nurse are required for psychiatric technicians. Aides require a high school diploma or equivalent for the job.

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