How you can do a Two-Week Notice Letter successfully

In professional life, there are some standards that you always have to follow. It’s common to quit one job and choose a better option for your career growth but leaving without any prior notice is against the standards. So, what should you do when you have finally decided to leave a job?

It is always necessary to give a two-week notice to your employer before you depart the office. If you are giving a one-week, two or three days, or right away notice, it is completely unprofessional and a source of problem for your employer.

Following a standard is always better for both parties. It shows your professionalism and courtesy. Giving at least two weeks’ notice will give your manager enough time to fill your space, start the hiring process and take care of any responsibilities left by you.

You would also get enough time to completely hand over the responsibilities, let the new employee understand how you managed the things, or even finish some major projects under your supervision.

To know more about the importance of a two-week notice letter and how it is written, stay tuned.

What is a two-week notice?

It is a kind of resignation letter to leave your job more professionally. It shows that you inform the administration about your intention to leave the company and staying in your position for only two weeks. Two weeks is a standard amount of time, so it is recommended to give a two-week notice letter.

How can you write a good two-week notice letter?

You can tell your employer about quitting the job in person, over the phone, or in an email. However, following a sequence is better. First of all, tell your employer in person and then write a formal two-week notice letter to move things professionally.

Follow the given simple tips to write a good resignation letter:

Follow a business letter format

As it’s an official letter, write it in business letter format. In the top left corner of the letter, write your contact information, date, and employer’s contact information.

Specify the leaving date

Specifying your leaving date is the most important thing because that is the reason for writing an official letter. You can write the exact date or say that you will be quitting after two weeks.

Keep it brief

Just deliver the main purpose of writing the notice. You don’t have to write long details about why you are leaving. Just tell you are leaving and specify the date.

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Sign off at a positive note

Since you worked there, signing off on a positive note is advisable. You can thank your employer for giving you an opportunity and adding up to your experience.

Don’t add negative views

There is a possibility that you are leaving the company due to a negative experience but writing negative reviews about your co-workers or administration in the notice is unprofessionalism. You may cross your paths with them anytime in the future. So, never add negative views. 

Offer your help

You can offer your help with the transition process. You may help your employer hire new employees, train new employees, or just help speed up the previous projects for earlier completion.

Sample of a two-week notice letter

If you need a better understanding of a notice letter of this kind, here is an example that you can guide yourself with.

two-week notice letters sample

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