Should I go to law school?

You are anticipating yourself as a lawyer within a few years and love this image. There could be many reasons

Oxbridge Interview Questions

There’s no magic formula for answering Oxbridge interview questions, neither is there the perfect answer. You can’t predict what questions

University Interview Questions

The university interview rumour mill regularly trundles out stories of tutors asking hapless students to hurl bricks through windows, sit

Dropping Out of University

First things first, dropping out of university is by no means something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. People

LNAT: Fact & Fiction

AllAboutCareers quizzes the team behind the LNAT to sort the fact from the fiction… Manchester University has joined the LNAT…

Oxford Interview: FAQs

So you’ve received an invitation to come to Oxford for interview and after the initial excitement subsides, like many candidates