Warwick Nightlife: Top 5 Nights Out Student Life

The University of Warwick might be, in the words of some, “a campus in the middle of nowhere.” People might sniff at Coventry, turn their noses up at Leamington Spa, but Warwick’s intimate campus atmosphere spawns some excellent nightlife. Antonia Bannister gives you the lowdown on what’s hot on the Warwick student nightlife scene…

What’s the scene?

Leamington’s largest club is the end of the road for most pub crawlers. Evolve has the dubious accolade of one of the best student nights in Leamington. It’s the home of Notorious Mondays, Jaegermonster on a Friday and, wait for it, a fancy dress night on a Saturday.

After being taken over by Smack this year, Evolve really has…well…evolved into a pretty decent night out. If three rooms, three bars and a few stripper poles are not enough for you, then you really are asking for too much.

Who goes there?

The question should be who doesn’t go here? No evening at Evolve would be complete if you didn’t spot a few pub golfers, encounter a sports team or three and make a new best friend in the bathroom.

Cheesiness rating: 4 = Mature Cheddar

2. Smack

What’s the scene?

Smack is the perfect escape for those who don’t appreciate listening to LMFAO on repeat. The intimate space, decorated with profanities and nude pictures, plays host to Dubstep and D&B legends on a weekly basis.

Whilst upstairs looks like the Bat Cave, the LED room epitomises a raver’s paradise. Tuesday’s Silver has an amazing atmosphere and great drinks offers. Don’t forget to head to Moo Bar before to get queue jump to avoid waiting for hours in the cold!

Who goes there?

A slightly more mature crowd. Devoid of any fancy dress, it’s a chance for us to act our age and not our favourite cartoon characters. Oh and let’s not forget the locals who like to make an appearance occasionally.

Cheesiness rating: 2 = Cream Cheese

3. Warwick SU

What’s the scene?

There’s so much going on at the SU, it would be a sin to be bored on campus! Whether you’re a party animal or just prefer a quiet pint, there is something for everyone. Look out for live music shows, like Beats and Bars and Unplucked, showcasing Warwick’s finest musical and literary talents.

Alternatively head on over to POP! on a Wednesday for your weekly dose of fancy dress and cheesy pop music – perhaps the only good night at the Union. And don’t forget to put One World Week in your diaries! “The Largest Student-run International Event in the World” unites and celebrates over 120 different nationalities. It’s a weeklong party – what isn’t there to love?

Who goes there?

All sorts. You’ll find a lot of freshers and finalists living on campus hanging around the SU at night. Wednesday’s POP! is the meeting place for Warwick’s sports teams – an excuse to bond off-pitch over ridiculous drinking games and pints of purple.

Cheesiness rating: 5 = Ripe Camembert

4. Kasbah

What’s the scene?

If you’re sick of the Bubble and Leamington has no appeal anymore, then why not hop on the Uniexpress to Kasbah. It’s a 15 minute bus ride to Coventry, but you’ll get to experience a taste of Morocco without having to hop on a plane.

This independent nightclub has tried to draw upon the decadence of a Moroccan palace, unfortunately spending most of its efforts making the outside area nicer than the inside. But at least if one of the four bars inside is busy, then you can head outside to the heated patio and BBQ pit.

If you’re not a fan of clubs, then Kasbah is a fantastic live music venue. It has hosted international acts, like Calvin Harris, and helped boost the status of local acts, like Warwick’s own Coast is Clear (of course you know who they are!).

Who goes there?

Kasbah is a regular haunt of Warwick campus dwellers and Coventry University students. It’s neutral ground between our rival universities: a place where slanderous chants are forgotten in favour of donning your best dressing up gear for free entry!

Cheesiness rating: 3 = Dairylea Triangles

5. Bars & Pubs on the Parade

What’s the scene?

Ok, so there are probably more working men’s clubs in Leamington Spa than there are nightclubs. Not to worry! There are more than enough pubs and bars to make up for it. Take a trip down south to visit Kelsey’s, birth place of the Eliminator, or head on over to the Fox and Vivienne for 60p shots on a Monday.

Saints Bar and Loose Box are fast becoming student hotspots in Leamington. Le Dice at Saints Bar on a Thursday is a great way to mix with the international student community at Warwick. You don’t have to pay entry to most bars and pubs, so if you don’t like it, then just move on.

Who goes there?

It all depends on where you visit. Generally there is a nice mix of Leamington-based Warwick students and locals. Whether you’re looking for live music, cheap drinks, or a good old-fashioned pub quiz, there is something for everyone! And who knows you may just bump into Russell Howard when you stumble from one pub to the next.

Cheesiness Rating: 1 = Dairy-free

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