How much do Technology Jobs Pay?

With the right skill set, a technology professional gets enough options to earn a good amount. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the expected growth rate for computer occupations is about 12% from 2018 to 2028. Some of the technology jobs will have as high as a 32% growth rate.

Moreover, the median salary for tech workers is $81,430, which is higher than the average median wage of a private-sector worker i-e $36,200

If you are interested in the technology field and enjoy working on computer operations and networks, you have a great future. You can never go wrong with a tech degree because technology jobs are among the highest-paying jobs in today’s economy.

To make it clear, we have utilized the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and compiled the list of high paying technology jobs

10 High paying technology jobs you can start to enroll in

Big data engineer

They develop a company’s hardware and software architecture and systems needed to work with and analyze the data. For these technology jobs, an expert in mathematics and databases with a computer science degree can be an excellent big data engineer.

  • Median Annual Wage: $166,500

Computer & information systems manager

They are also referred to as IT project managers. The job outlook is 11%, and 414,400 new jobs were opened in 2020. They set the information technology goals and develop plans to meet the objectives.

Their work is similar to managers to create long-term goals, task allocations, project organizations, determination of staff requirements, and other needs.

  • Median annual wage: $142,530 

DevOps engineer

They serve as a link between coding and engineering. They work with developers and IT staff across the departments and create IT systems. With their help, companies release various features in their products or modify the features.

  • Median Annual Wage: $120,000

Data scientist

They evaluate data to help companies make better business decisions. Salaries for level three data scientists can be as high as $250,000. However, the supply of qualified data scientists is low. So in these technology jobs, you can polish your skills to be a data scientist.

  • Median Annual Wage: $118,709

Computer & information research scientists 

They create new computer technology techniques and devise innovative ways to use existing technology. They are needed for solving complex problems related to various industries such as business, the medical field, and scientific research.

  • Median annual wage:  $118,370

Computer network architects 

They design and upgrade data communication networks such as local area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs).

These networks aren’t only limited to connecting two offices. Most of the companies now rely on cloud infrastructure to serve multiple purposes developed by Computer Network Architects.

  • Median Annual Wage: $109,020

Software developer

Software developers are involved in designing applications, operating systems, and interfaces. With a 22% job outlook and 222,600 new jobs in 2020, software developers have many job openings. This increasing demand for software developers is fueled by more mobile apps and other tech-based products.

  • Median Annual Wage: $102,880

Information security analyst 

With the growing data breach cases, there is an urgent need for more information security analysts. This career option has a job outlook of 37% and 27,400 new job openings in 2020.

  • Median Annual Wage: $88,890

Computer systems analyst

They design and install new computer systems. They are particularly needed in IT consulting firms. Computer Systems analysts’ job outlook is 25%, and there were 127,700 job openings in 2020.

  • Median Annual Wage: $82,710

Web developer

Web developers can assume three roles. They can be web designers who create the website layout, webmasters who maintain the website, or web architects needed for the website’s technical construction. The job outlook is 20%, and 28,500 new jobs were opened in 2020.

  • Median Annual Wage: $63,490
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