How to answer in an interview: Why Do You Want To Work Here?

While hunting for a job, you must have heard one question specifically, “why do you want to work here?” The question seems easy to answer in an interview, but what if you were answering it wrong the whole time.

With this question, interviewers want to determine whether you are the right fit for the company and you would be able to add value to the company’s objective.

Indeed, a sincere and engaged employee would respect the company’s mission and values and try his best to meet those missions and values. He would stay longer instead of dawdling here and there for more options, and the employer is finding that person in you.

So, from now on, don’t panic and give a blunt and thoughtless response like, I need money, and your company offers more benefits.” We are here to help you prepare a solid and relevant answer for an interview. 

Tips to prepare a good answer before the next interview

While you craft an impactful answer for the interview, you should customize it for the company you are interviewing with. Hiring staff doesn’t want a generic response such as “your company has a great reputation and I would love working here.”

Your answer must explain how you align your goals with the company’s services. To come up with a good answer, you need to do the following things:

Know your strength

If you are vague about your interests and don’t know what particular skill you have, how could you provide an impactful answer?

Work on yourself and get to know the strongest skill that you can offer to the company. You have to read the job description and understand what they are looking for. Analyze whether it is related to your interest area or not. If you are frustrated by a task, how could you give your best in it?

So, first of all, work on yourself. Know your skills to answer on an interview what are your accomplishments and strongest skills, why should they hire you, and what you have to offer them.

Know the company

Get the details about the company’s culture, goals, products, and challenges. This way, you will be able to connect your goals with the company’s goals. You can visit the company’s official website or LinkedIn profile to get more information about the company. Reading the current employee profiles will help you prepare better.

Know the position

Don’t go for any job that you look for in an advertisement. You should be clear on where you fit in the company and what are your preferences and priorities. Use Google to know the responsibilities of the position. Join employee’s LinkedIn groups and learn about the job’s nature and responsibilities.

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Things to avoid in your answer

While answering this question, ensure that you don’t make the following mistakes:

  • Don’t be too honest. Though being honest is necessary for an interview but don’t be too blunt to spit out whatever insufficient reason you have
  • Don’t follow a generic format that doesn’t show any motivation for the job
  • Don’t answer in a dull, uninterested, and pathetic way. You aim to convince the interviewer and not to disapprove of you as a candidate
  • Don’t be vague about your answer
  • Don’t try to joke  or being inappropriately funny

A sample answer for the interview question

I strongly believe in working collaboratively on each project. When I saw a position in your production team, I was sure that I had to apply.

I got a chance to see your amazing production and behind-the-scenes videos that motivated me to join your company and be a part of a fantastic team. I have the capability to align myself with the team goals and finally achieve a common goal.

My background in the production field also helped me a lot to work with a collaborative approach. I can say that I am fully prepared to adopt this role. I hope I get a chance to play my part in the team.

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