Sales Promotion Account Executive • Job Description, Salary & Benefits

The role of a sales promotion account executive is similar to that of a marketing executive. However, these guys focus on a very specific form of promotional marketing.

Essentially, sales promotion account executives design and plan marketing strategies which focus on things like incentive schemes, free gifts, contests and discount coupons. They might also produce banners and displays and use various digital media channels to target specific consumers.

Sales promotion executives tend to be employed directly by companies in the retail industry, or by marketing agencies that handle multiple client accounts simultaneously.

If you enter this profession, you’ll be liaising with your clients in order to understand their wants and needs, conducting market research, conjuring up ideas, discussing strategies with your colleagues and then presenting your innovative ideas back to the end client.

You may have budget control and project management responsibilities as you progress into more senior positions.

Salary & benefits

Annual salaries for junior account executives range between £18,000 and £22,500, while senior account executives and account managers can earn around £20,000 to £35,000.

If you eventually become a senior account manager or director, you could find yourself earning up to £70,000 a year.

Working hours

Sales promotion account executives don’t tend to work according to your average nine-to-five schedule. Indeed, most work between ten and 12 hours every day and may be required to put in additional hours when it comes to meeting impending campaign deadlines.

Consequently, one thing that you should also bear in mind is that new promotional schemes tend to be launched around peak festive and holiday seasons!

Travelling to meet with clients, distributors and other associates is an integral part of the job.


Graduates from all academic backgrounds are eligible for entry into this profession, although a relevant degree in a subject such as marketing, media, English, modern languages or business management may give you an added edge over other candidates.

Basically, to thrive in this industry you’re going to need awesome communication skills, a talent for presenting and the ability to get your brain working so that you can consistently come up with fresh and inventive ideas.

Training & progression

Training is mainly facilitated through ‘on-the-job’ experience, work shadowing and rotational placements. However, employers also encourage employees to complete professional qualifications, which are provided by the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) and the Marketing Agencies Association (MAA).

Career progression is dependent on experience, professional qualifications and performance.

Many sales promotion account executives aspire to eventually open their very own sales promotion consultancy, and after ten to 15 years’ experience (and enough ambition), this dream can become a reality.

The skills and abilities that you learn in this profession will also apply to other areas of the marketing industry, which may present you with the opportunity to pursue alternative career paths.

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