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Why be a public sector manager?

When it comes to managing people and projects, public sector organisations are no different to private sector companies.

Coordinating government initiatives and managing staff in public sector departments can offer some of the most complex, challenging and important managerial opportunities out there.

What does public sector management involve?

Every public sector department and every individual government project and programme needs senior and mid-level managers to oversee things, ensure the smooth running of initiatives and to man-manage staff.

The management career opportunities in the public sector are particularly wide-ranging, as every single central government department, hospital, emergency service department and local authority needs skilled and authoritative managers.

You might be leading a project administration team in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; you might be managing UK border control staff in a busy airport; you might be managing all the activities within a major I.T. business change programme for the Home Office; you might be managing a foster care advice team for a local authority; or you might be managing the office relocation of a government department into another building in Whitehall.

It’s unlikely that you will be starting your public sector career in a managerial position. However, as you progress from lower level positions, your chances of developing a long-lasting managerial career in government departments are vast.

One of the quickest ways of developing your career into managerial roles in the Civil Service is by getting onto the highly competitive Civil Service Fast Stream graduate programme.

To find out all about the kind of managerial careers you could pursue in the public sector, check out the following subsectors now:

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