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Teaching is one of the hardest and most satisfying professions ever. You may be a teacher that is having a hard time being loved by all of your students. When your teaching style influences one or two students, you’ll become one of the best teachers around.

That positive effect may rub off onto their friends who will become influenced by you as well.

There are ways you can become a better teacher for yourself and others. Improving your skills and becoming a professional will turn you into a teacher that every kid would love to have. You can teach them great lessons, but you can always go out of your way to be that one special teacher in their lives.

Continue to pursue your education

Continue to pursue education long after you get a job as a teacher. Your learning experience has an impact on your students’ learning experience. Go back to school to pursue your master’s in education.

Improve by getting certified in specific subjects. Consider learning some basic life coaching techniques that can improve your communication skills and help you become a better storyteller.

Another option is to earn micro-credentials for a personalised learning experience. According to a recent survey, 65% of teachers said they would use micro-credentials as part of their professional development.

Micro-credentials allow teachers to develop a deeper level of learning. It’s a great alternative to going back to school or earning your certification.

Learn another language

Become an even better teacher by learning a new language. There’s at least one student in each classroom who speaks a second language at home. Use free language learning apps such as Memrise and Duolingo to learn a second language quickly.

This helps you to become more supportive and empathetic to students who are learning English as a second language. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 9% of public school students are ESL. You want to make your students feel included with their peers. ESL students are still capable of taking direction and learning new concepts, just in a different way.

Be firm, but gentle

This doesn’t mean you should become tougher. Students can tell when teachers are too soft and meek. Being too nice sometimes can be a bad thing because it shows you’re kind of a pushover. Some clever students will try to talk you out of teaching them lessons they hate.

An assertive teacher is a great teacher. Being assertive and firm means becoming a parent or guardian to your students. Ask your students questions, show them that you care, and push them to do better. If your student is discouraged, maybe it would help you to find out what’s really going on.

Become their friend

Becoming their friend doesn’t mean turning into their best friend. Keep your relationships with your students at a professional level. Listen to their concerns and problems with their studies. Ask them questions about their lives, but don’t ever try to pry.

Don’t use slang language even if you know some of the words. Your students won’t take you seriously. It’s not worth becoming a cool teacher just to ruin your reputation, and possibly, your teaching career.

Tailor your lessons to their lives

One good way to get your students interested in your lessons is to include examples that are relevant to their lives. Use your students as an example to help them stay engaged. Include things that interest them in their lessons that can help improve their memory.

Don’t use these examples to explain complicated or boring concepts. It may not work for science equations and mathematics formulas. Instead, use a fun example, and explain how these lessons can apply to them.

Make good use of your classroom time

Your time teaching in the classroom should be used wisely. Remember that you’re still in a professional setting. You don’t want to waste time talking about your personal life, or waiting around for students who show up to class late. Your students are there to learn, so give them a good reason why they should be there.

Set a good example for your students

Becoming a role model for your students will inspire them to copy some of your traits. Whether it’s talking about a healthy diet or quitting smoking, you’ll make a positive impact on your students. They’ll remember your story and want to use it as inspiration to better their own lives. They won’t forget the lessons you taught them in and out of the classroom.

Becoming a teacher that every kid loves isn’t going to happen overnight. These steps can help improve your skills. These tips may sound too easy, but they will help you stay focused and engaged with your students.

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