UCAS Courses and universities & colleges can I apply

We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve got the entire UCAS database right here on this website. In fact, you can use our UCAS course finder to browse over 115,000 courses in the UK. Not bad, eh? We’ve also mixed things up a bit so you can search for UCAS courses by industry as well as subject. So what are you waiting for? Get searching now!

What courses can I apply to through UCAS?

The majority of UCAS courses are undergraduate programmes. The main reason UCAS exists is to provide a centralised admissions process for prospective undergraduates. Therefore, we’re not exaggerating when we say bachelor’s degrees are UCAS’s bread and butter.

However, UCAS’s courses don’t just consist of your standard straight up undergraduate honours degrees. You can also search and apply to foundation degree courses through UCAS.

Via UKPASS you can also browse and apply to postgraduate courses at universities and colleges that are part of the UKPASS scheme. For postgraduate courses at non-participating universities and colleges, you need to apply directly to the institution (usually through an online application form).

Unfortunately, UCAS is all about higher education, so you can’t search or apply to further education courses through it. You can, however, find out all about further education courses using our Course Finder. Go on, have a cheeky search right now!

Which universities & colleges can I apply to through UCAS?

Really, it’s a case of which universities and colleges can’t you apply to through UCAS. Hand on heart, pretty much all of the public universities and colleges offering higher education courses participate in the UCAS scheme.

The only universities or colleges that aren’t part of it tend to be private institutions. Consequently, you won’t be able to apply to these courses via UCAS; you’ll have to apply directly to the institution instead.

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