The Correct Way to Write an Interview “Thank You” Email

In a job interview, one thing is constant over the years, i-e to send an interview “thank you” email. It expresses your appreciation for the company for giving you an opportunity. If you have also made it to the interview, you need to make extra effort to outperform other candidates.

Let’s take a quick review on how can you do better in your interview mail and increase the chances of being hired

Why sending a “Thank You” email is important?

A survey showed that 80% of HR managers reach the final decision of hiring the candidate by looking at a thank you email. Surprisingly, 57% of job seekers don’t bother to send a thank you note after being selected.

A perfectly written thank you email is your chance to make an impression. You can also add links to your portfolio or professional account to show your qualities and skills.

Also, never delay sending a thank you email more than 24 hours. It impacts your chances of being hired, especially if the manager is about to make a quick decision.

Things to include in a “Thank You” email

Remember, no one has got time to read your long stories. Keep your email brief and to the point. A couple of paragraphs are more than enough. While writing a note, remember the following things:

Make a clear subject line

Write a clear and concise subject line that conveys your message. A subject line like Thank you for your time and advice” or “Thanks for the interview yesterday” can work best for such notes.

Start with a personalized greeting

Address the interviewer directly with name and add salutations like Hello” or “Dear” before the name. If more than one person interviewed you, send each person a personalized thank you email.

A note of appreciation

Start the body with a note of appreciation. Thank the interviewer and include the job title for clarity. Start with something like, “Thank you for sparing the time to discuss the Project Manager position with me today”.

A brief review of your qualifications

As the interviewer already has your resume and is aware of your qualification, keep this part brief. Try to connect your qualification with the position and express why you are a strong candidate for this job.

You can write something like this, “My expertise in project management makes me an excellent candidate for this position”.

Remind them about the next step

In the end, encourage the interviewer to take the next step in hiring. Prompt him to ask for any additional information needed for the decision-making process. 

Write something like If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to our follow-up interview next week as discussed”.

Sign off 

For the final closing, give thanks again. Add your contact information so that the hiring team can contact you easily. Include your email address, phone number, and links to your profile.

Sample of an interview “Thank You” email

If you need a better understanding of a thank you email, here is a sample just for reference. Review the sample and always write a personalized note.

Interview thank you email sample

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