Brand Consultant • Job Description, Salary & Benefits

Brand consultants are employed by independent brand consultancies, such as Millward Brown, Interbrand, Saffron and Equilibrium, to scrutinise, analyse and evaluate the brand identity, brand performance and brand strategy of their clients’ products or services. They then offer expert recommendations and insights into how their client can revitalise their brand.

When a company’s brand is failing to pack a punch, brand consultants are drafted in to breathe new life into it, improve it and help it evolve. Brand consultants provide a fresh and impartial perspective on the pros and cons of a company’s brand, and can therefore suggest and implement effective branding solutions that will transform their client’s fortunes.

Brand consultants begin their mission by conducting extensive research, which includes:

– Liaising with company directors and their employees

– Undertaking competitor analysis

– Identifying the value of branding in achieving the company’s business objectives

– Conducting primary research, i.e. devising questionnaires and distributing them to members of the public who constitute the brand’s target audience.

Once all this research is complete, the brand consultant will process the data, analyse it, identify trends, interpret the information, and present it an accessible and understandable format.

They will then share their findings with the client and offer expert guidance on how the company can optimise the return on their marketing campaigns.

These recommendations can focus on anything from brand name, packaging design and visual merchandising to strategy development, copywriting, internal brand engagement and the use of social media and other digital phenomena.

Many brand consultancies go above and beyond simply making recommendations. Indeed, the majority of brand consultants will take their duties as a consultant to the next level and play an active role in the implementation and management of the proposed brand changes.

Salary & benefits

Trainee brand consultants tend to earn between £18,000 and £25,000 per annum, while those with more experience can earn anywhere between £29,000 and £48,000 per annum.

Senior brand consultants with more than ten years of experience can earn up to £60,000 and beyond.

Working hours

Brand consultants tend to work a standard nine-to-five. However, you should expect to work extra hours when campaign deadlines are looming.

You may be required to travel, both domestically and internationally, from time to time to attend client meetings and deliver presentations.


To enter this line of work, you will need an undergraduate degree in any discipline. However, studying a subject such as marketing, advertising or business studies may boost your chances of securing an entry-level position.

This is a competitive area of work and, therefore, many employers will favour candidates who have a 2.1 degree classification or above.

Another way to boost your employability is to get work experience with a brand consultancy, market research company or integrated marketing agency. This will give you fantastic hands-on experience and will enable you to build up a network of useful contacts.

Training & progression

Many brand consultants enter the industry as part of a graduate training scheme. The majority of your training and development during the scheme is likely to be done on the job under the supervision of senior brand consultants.

Career progression is based on individual performance and contribution to your organisation’s success. As you climb the ladder, you will most likely become an account manager and then a senior brand consultant. Eventually, you may progress into a senior management role and perhaps even become a company director.

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