Assistant Clinical Psychologist • Job Description, Salary & Benefits

Essentially, assistant clinical psychologists are clinical psychologists in training. This role is ideal for individuals who are not in a position to undertake full-time training towards qualifying as a chartered clinical psychologist. These guys provide vital assistance and support to senior clinical psychologists.

If you work in this area, your responsibilities will be similar to those undertaken by a clinical psychologist.

You’ll be using psychometric tests and other standard procedures to analyse and evaluate patients’ psychological problems. You’ll also be suggesting, administering and monitoring appropriate treatments, such as therapy.

Furthermore, you’ll be tasked with maintaining comprehensive records of the changes and improvements in patients during and following treatment.

Salary & benefits

Assistant clinical psychologists earn salaries ranging between £18,000 and £25,000 per annum. However, your pay will depend on the size and type of your employer, your location and the scope of practice.

Assistants working with self-employed or freelance practitioners may earn slightly lower salaries.

Working hours

The working hours are fairly standard. It’s likely that you’ll be working nine-to-five. However, you might do some extra hours over the weekend and during holiday periods from time to time.

All your work will be carried out in clinics or in an office environment.


An accredited degree in psychology (2.1 or higher), or completion of an approved conversion course with the British Psychological Society is the initial entry route.

Most assistant clinical psychologists then work whilst they are studying for their PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Training & progression

Upon securing a position as an assistant clinical psychologist, training and further progress is driven by hands-on experience, under the supervision and guidance of a chartered clinical psychologist.

The next step up is to obtain chartered status and become a full-blown clinical psychologist.

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