What can I do with German degree

German is the most spoken language in the European Union – being an official language in five of its countries – and is a major language for trade, business and research.

By undertaking a modern languages degree in German, you’ll be able to attain fluency in a language that can open up a range of opportunities in terms of future careers.

What’s more, the year abroad you’ll be spending in a German-speaking country will allow you to stand out to employers as a candidate that’s shown a sense of initiative-taking and resourcefulness, as well as broadening your cultural horizons in a new country.


Which careers does a degree in German lead to?

As with other language degrees, a more traditional career pathway would involve vocations such as translation or interpretation – German being one of the languages in demand given its importance on both a continental and world stage. In addition, becoming a language teacher – or teaching English in a German-speaking country – is also a common route for graduates, while you can also carve out a carve out a career in academia and become a researcher.


Can a degree in German help with a career in business?


With a range of multinational companies being based in Germany – including BMW, Adidas and Allianz – having a grasp of the language can be a valuable asset when making your way into the industries they operate in.

More generally, fluency in the language allows you to communicate with around 100 million people in their native language, potentially unlocking a range of professional and personal opportunities.


Can I go into law with a German degree?


Fluency in the German language is also valued by law firms, particularly ones working with international clients. Many of the big-name city firms, such as Freshfields and Clifford Chance, have offices in Germany, with Frankfurt and Munich being particularly active centres for business.

With various firms offering training contract seats in Germany, language graduates looking to start a career in law can be particularly valued as candidates.

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