Is Business Services a Good Career Path in 2021?

In terms of career opportunities, it is hard to beat business services. College students with a major in business degrees can provide valuable skills to corporations, non-profit organizations, banks, accountancy firms, and other places.

In the past two decades, recruiters are actively looking for business graduates for finance, marketing, and business intelligence.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that there will be more than 600,000 new jobs for business services students by the end of 2024.

The survey also states that the average income of business graduates is $91,372/year with an average bonus of $18,000. These stats clearly explain the importance of business services in today’s world.

As the business field is vast and divided into various categories, it’s worth discussing different business services career options. By knowing these options, you will be able to choose a perfect field for your future.

Five career options available in this field


Most people consider accounting a boring subject but believe me! It is exciting and provides a wide range of career options. The accountants can offer budget, finance, and tax-related services to different agencies and individual clients.

Further, these are specialized in identifying discrepancies and errors in financial statements and play an essential role in the overall economic health of any organization. BLS survey projects that there will be a 10% rise in accounting jobs from 20216 to 2029 and will accommodate 1.5 Million+ employees.  

  • Average Salary: $94,340


They are the heart of the business services world. Students with economic majors find positions in various large and medium-sized organizations where economic research is required. These experts have in-depth knowledge of financial models and theories along with strong mathematical and problem-solving skills.

Their job is to analyze the economic statement of the company, build reports and provide suggestions for improvement. BLS indicates that job opportunities for economists will grow 14% by the end of 2029.

  • Average Salary: $78,021

Human Resources

They play a vital role in the growth of any organization and are responsible for a vast array of tasks such as conducting interviews, recruiting new employees, conflict resolution, managing holiday allowance, and payrolls for existing clients.

Apart from that, these HR members are also responsible for analyzing and improving employee’s performance. Students with specializations in HR are masters in these fields, and therefore, companies hire them to benefit in the above areas. Employment in HR is projected to grow 7% by 2029.

  • Average Salary: $59,180

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Business Administration

Bachelors or Masters in business administration provide students a strong foundation in project management, general business administration, international business, logistics, and organization flow.

These graduates can easily find a career in multiple fields, from sales manager and business consultant to financial analyst, market research analyst, and much more. These students master financial principles and make strategies to build organizational value.

According to BLS, the demand for business administrators will increase by 5% till 2029.

  • Average Salary: $56,161


All businesses and companies require marketers and advertising experts to get their services and products in front of consumers. Students with a major in Marketing and advertising fulfill all these marketing needs.

These graduates use their business knowledge to plan different campaigns, manage sales, and track results. BLS Survey shows that there will be a 7% increase in marketing and advertising jobs in this decade.

  • Average Salary: $77,813

Bottom Line

Business professionals are in demand today and providing valuable services to many small, medium, and large organizations worldwide. Most of the jobs in the business field are high-paying, and the good news is that the employment possibilities for these graduates are increasing every year. 

Therefore, pursuing a career in business services is an excellent choice in 2021. We have shortlisted five trending business fields along with career opportunities and average salary to help you choose the major subject that you can see above in the article.

That is all from today’s tutorial. If you still have queries about business services, feel free to contact us! 

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