How to say ‘I was fired’ on a job application?

Many of us consider that getting fired from a position will damage any job application in the future. After all, they do recruit people who have voluntarily terminated their jobs.

Thus, it’s not an outright deal-breaker for them if you got fired. This doesn’t imply that they would consider your lay off in the most positive way. You are required to welcome the thought that job lay off isn’t the end for you. There are various methods of saying that you were fired on a job application positively.

So, let’s find out the ways by which we can handle this situation gracefully:

Describe the Job Termination as Mutual

Man fired from job

Unless you got terminated because of your wrongdoing, it’s usually not essential to dig into the reasons behind your lay off. If you disagreed eye-to-eye with your superior, outline your termination as a mutual decision.

For instance, you can state, “My style of working was not a good match for the business culture, and we chose it was ideal if I look for a job position that was a suitable fit.”

Don’t Volunteer Details

Try not to utilize the words “terminated” or “fired” in your job application. Regardless of whether you lost your position over a small issue or your boss was off base, those expressions could incite managers to abolish you from consideration. 

Restrict the details you give on your job application and save the conversation for the meeting, where you can react to the manager’s interests and address the conditions encompassing your excusal.

Give a vague explanation, for example, “looking for a suitable fit.” However, do not lie. The organization may find reality while reference checks and eliminate you. If your manager discovers that you lied after getting recruited, he may terminate you or pursue disciplinary action.

Stay away from Negativity

Never accuse your former manager or criticize the organization, regardless of whether the organization was in a horrible work environment or your boss dismissed you unreasonably. Prospective managers may consider you are avoiding blame since you would prefer not to take obligation for your role in the layoff.

They may also view it as an instance of “sour grapes” and dread that you will utilize a similar methodology if anything goes wrong at your new work. Disparaging other people also raises concerns about your capacity to function as part of a group and put your interests and ego aside for the organization’s benefit. Let it neutral!

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Describe Extenuating Conditions

If you are being fired from your job position through no wrongdoing of your own, mention this right away, so the manager knows your previous manager approved of your morals or your performance at the job.

On the job application, express that the organization was forced to terminate a couple of employees, which sadly involved you. Or you could say, “The organization converged with another company, and as a factor of this procedure had to eradicate a few positions.” You are not required to protect yourself or give exorbitant information in such a situation because the clarification justifies itself.

Make use of gentle terms on your job application

A job application will request you a concise depiction of why you left your previous work. Here, you can simply say “terminated” or “job ended” on the application.

We recommend you to do this since it will depict your honesty in the job application itself. Moreover, this builds your odds of getting connected with for an interview. Also, jotting it down on a paper will reinforce your fortitude to confront realities when you are discussing it face to face with the recruitment chief during an interview.

For instance:

  • Interviewee: I was fired. However, in my past organization, I was offered the best employee’s title for outlining information statistics in an innovative and informative way.


  • Interviewee: I was terminated. But I was elevated to the position of Assistant Manager as my work matched the essential numbers needed. I’m well-versed with my qualities and intend to utilize them to help the organization and my development.

Don’t forget, being laid off is not an absolute deal-breaker

A lot of applicants assume having been laid off is an absolute deal-breaker for a recruitment chief; however, it is not essentially the case. How you take care of whatever happened will affect how the recruitment director sees you.

Everybody commits mistakes, and everybody has negative encounters. But not everybody can turn them to their advantage; however, and if a manager perceives that you can, they will realize you are positive and adaptable and will carry those traits to the new working environment.

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