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Career Options in Property, Architecture & Construction : Graduate

You’ve spent the past three years (or more, if you’re an architecture student or taken a sandwich year), building friendships and planning nights out. Now it’s time to hit the ground running and starting to plan whole new town or building projects

Graduate opportunities

- Graduate internships

- Further study

- Entry level jobs.

Although internships are usually undertaken by penultimate year students, there may be some opportunities open to graduates. Though if you’ve done well in your degree, expanded your network and carried out a successful sandwich year/year in industry, then you should be able to avoid the temporary nature of internships and start looking for permanent, full-time jobs.

You may need to undertake further study, especially if you didn’t study a degree such as property management or architecture. For example, to become a fully chartered architect you need to do a three year undergraduate course, a year in industry followed by a postgraduate course and another year in industry. Additionally, to become a full chartered property surveyor, for example, you may find yourself working part-time initially as you complete your training in a postgraduate or conversion course discipline.

However, if you have ticked all the boxes and fancy your chances at going up against the cream of the property, construction and architecture graduate crop in applying for jobs, then get applying! The types of jobs you can do vary, but include:

- Quantity surveyor

- Chartered surveyor

- Property manager

- Architect

- Town planner.

Will my degree do?

If you didn’t do a degree in a property, construction or architecture discipline, it will be nigh on impossible to get a job in the industry without further study. Even those with related degrees, you may still need to do courses to become fully chartered in your industry.

It’s a long, hard road to securing a career in property, construction and architecture, but once you’re there the possibilities are endless. Perhaps after building up your experience and network working in an architectural agency, you may want to start your own. Or if your agency lands a government contract, the coin could really start to flow.

Is postgraduate study necessary?

In most cases, yes. As mentioned, becoming a fully chartered in your sector will require postgraduate study. However, there are part-time options so you can earn while you learn and some companies may provide funding to those who are wanting to become fully chartered. 

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