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Career Options in Management Consulting & Business: Graduate

Graduating is always an emotional, exciting and sometimes exhausting time of your life. It’s time to say goodbye to your university and all the good times spent with friends there will become distant memories (sob). There’s also the small issue of getting yourself a job to worry about. That’s where we come in to help you launch you career in the management consulting, business and admin industry.

Graduate opportunities

- Graduate schemes

- Entry level jobs

- Postgraduate study

- Entrepreneurship

Graduate schemes are a popular route for business graduates, with a vast majority of companies and organisations offering schemes in business development and account management. Schemes provide training on-the-job and usually take between one and two years to complete. The consultancy sector employs more than 80,000 people in the UK and you could find yourself working on restructuring a company or implementing new processes.

Whilst graduate schemes will offer a sexier wage package, entry level jobs are available also, allowing you to enter the industry in a role such as an assistant business consultant and work your way up from there. Entry level jobs with SMEs (small to medium enterprises) will allow for quicker career progression too.

Postgraduate study is also an option. The MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is an internationally recognised qualification that will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to manage a business effectively.

Given that you’re interested in business, it’s likely that you’ve had a few business ideas floating around for some time. An option for graduates is to seek out willing investors and get the ball rolling with your own start up.

Will my degree do?

As the industry is so competitive, a 2:1 or first class mark in your degree will stand you in good stead, alongside all your internship experience and transferable skills gained from being a part of university societies.

For obvious reasons, those with a business or management related degree will be more primed to snatch a job in the industry as they have been taught the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a management role. That’s not to say that you’re totally out of the frame if you have a degree in a subject like philosophy or English literature though. As long as you can demonstrate that you’re passionate about the industry and have relevant work experience on your CV, you’re in with a good chance to land at least an interview.

Is postgraduate study necessary?

Not always, but it can help your career prospects massively. A related degree and relevant work experience can get you on to a graduate scheme but possessing the MBA will allow you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. It’s entirely your choice though, as you cannot get a student loan for postgraduate study so either have to apply for grants and scholarships or fund it yourself. 

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