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Career Options in Advertising, Marketing & PR: Graduate

So yeah, graduation has happened. You got dressed up in those very funny looking robes, had a blast of a send-off with your mates and now face the delightful process of finding yourself a job. You know you want to get into the advertising, marketing and PR industry. You’re creative, full of new ideas and very passionate about selling products and getting a brand name out there. But how to land yourself a job..?

Graduate opportunities

- Graduate internships

- Graduate schemes

- Entry level jobs

There are plenty of opportunities for graduates in the advertising, marketing and PR world. Companies of all sizes will offer internships and graduate schemes so it’s definitely worth checking these out. Deadlines may come sooner than you think though (sometimes as early as November or December of the preceding year) so make sure you’re on the ball and getting your applications, CVs and cover letters sent on time. Though internships don’t offer full-time permanent work initially, they’re certainly worth considering as a means to get your foot in the door. If you impress (which you will, obviously, as a young, hardworking, pleasant individual) you could be offered an extension of your internship or even a full-time role. Remember, once somebody starts working at a company, it can become hard to get them to leave.

If an internship or graduate scheme doesn’t float your boat, you could consider applying for entry level jobs. These can be found on job boards and through using your Googling skills. What’s that? You haven’t done any work experience or internships? Doesn’t matter. Remember when you were publicity officer for your university’s squash club? You can utilise that experience alongside all the transferable skills you gained throughout the course of your degree; presentation skills, communication skills, research and analysis and the ability to work under pressure (final week of dissertation writing, anybody?) This moves us on nicely to…

Will my degree do?

Advertising, marketing and PR roles don’t usually require you to study a specialist degree unlike the legal sector. What is more important is your experience and dedication, so you could study history or English literature at university and still aim to enter the advertising, marketing and PR sector.

A high degree mark won’t go unnoticed either. However, don’t be put off applying for jobs if you got a 2:2. It’s cliché, but employers may give preference to somebody with a 2:2 and a glittering CV with a wealth of useful experience than a candidate who got a first class degree mark but did nothing with their summer other than lounge around.

If you want to increase your chances of landing a dream job in the advertising, marketing and PR world, you could gain an extra qualification with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), which again leads us on nicely to…

Is postgraduate study necessary?

There are various CIM qualifications you can obtain to make yourself more employable and these prove your knowledge and commitment to the profession. Depending on what degree you studied, you can obtain a Professional Certificate in Marketing, a Professional Diploma in Marketing or a Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.

As mentioned, a CIM qualification is by no means necessary, but it could help your application. 

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