Career possibilities in the film and cinema industry…

The cinema industry is a pretty big deal. People still want to go out to watch the latest movies because they think that the cinematic experience is still very much unbeatable!

A veritable army of people are responsible for putting a film in front of you and this area of work provides many opportunities for career progression.

Whether you’re the person that selects the right films for a venue, the person in charge of the projector or the manager responsible for a cinema establishment, you’ll be part of a huge network of important people that are necessary for actually showing the films to the viewers.

How are films marketed and publicised?

People that work in the exhibition side of the cinema industry are also the guys responsible for presenting films in the most suitable light, providing publicity and ranking them, whether via awards or box office receipts.

Aside from the standard marketing methods adopted by the big cinema houses to drum up ticket sales for their latest offering, film festivals and award ceremonies are hugely important.

If a film gets a recommendation or an award, it can seriously boost ticket sales. In this area, events need to be managed, publicised and judged effectively, in order to keep them at the forefront of the cinematic calendar.

What does a cinema programmer do?

It depends on which area you want to be involved in really. If you wish to become a cinema programmer, you’ll be the individual responsible for selecting the right films for the right venues.

You’ll need to keep a keen eye on ‘what’s in’ right now. Certain venues attract certain clientele, so it’s important that you are able to match the right films to the people that attend a particular establishment. Get it wrong and you’ll end up with a lot of empty seats.

What does a projectionist do?

If projection is more your thing, a good watch and a technical mind is essential. You are responsible for ensuring that films begin at the correct time and keep rolling once that play button has been hit. If any glitches, pauses or issues occur, it’s your door that they’ll come knocking on.

If you become a dedicated projectionist, you might be working long hours; therefore, you will have to maintain your concentration and focus at all times.

If you want to get into the production, performance or promotion side of the film industry, then head over to the film subsector of our Media sector now!

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