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What can I do with...

...a history degree?

Confused about your career options? This useful little tool helps you find out exactly what you can do with your history degree. 



Having chosen to do a history degree, you might believe that you’re destined for a life spent amongst dusty documents, your horn-rimmed glasses fogging up with excitement when you make a breakthrough on your research into 15th century Albanian monks (ok, that sounds pretty interesting to us!). However, a history degree will actually provide you with a fantastic platform from which to enter a range of interesting sectors...



Recruiters aren’t necessarily interested in your in-depth knowledge of history, but they will be interested in the skills which your degree helps you to develop, some of which are:

Analytical Skills

You’re better than Shearer and Hansen put together. You’re even better than Gary Neville. Fortunately, your top-notch analytical skills also extend beyond the world of football punditry.

Communication (Oral)

All mouth, no trousers? Nope, but you can speak to people in a calm, concise and engaging manner.

Communication (Written)

You may not be a romantic poet, but you can write in a professional, succinct and appealing fashion.

Critical Thinking

When you’re presented with a problem or idea, you have the ability to think about it from a critical perspective. You’re not afraid to share your opinion.


You don’t need somebody holding your hand the entire time. You can work on your own, use your initiative and keep yourself motivated.


You’re a shepherd, not a sheep. You can lead from the front and take charge when decisions need to be made.


Articulate, methodical and composed, your negotiation skills are top-notch. You could even give Barry Obama a run for his money.

Objective Thinking

You can think objectively and approach problems and situations with an open mind.


Like a pig sniffing for truffles, you have the ability to get your head down and find exactly what you’re looking for: useful information.


You’re not an angry loner. Far from it! You have the ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Time Management

You may not have ‘Bernard’s Watch’, but you can manage your time effectively and meet deadlines without any last minute stress.



History graduates can take their pick from a huge variety of careers. Hell, we’ll even say there are more occupations open to history students than Henry VIII's, Genghis Khan's and Eastender's Ian Beale's wives put together... 

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