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What does health & social care constitute?

Health and social care professionals that work for government-run organisations have some of the most important careers in the UK. This area of the public sector employs absolutely tons and tons of people. For example, the NHS (National Health Service) is the largest employer in Europe, with over one million employees.

This area of the public sector employs a wealth of people in careers that make an active difference to people’s lives in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, primary care trusts, outreach centres, homeless shelters, women’s refuges, and many more kinds of health and social care institutions. However, a large number of people are also employed on the legislative and policy side of things in the Department of Health (DH).

Careers within the DH are imperative to the development and delivery of government strategies and policies that aim to provide health and social care services for everyone, whilst simultaneously ensuring that these services are cost-effective and in accordance with tight government budgets.

Who works in health & social care?

Like every other major government department, the DH employs civil servants that conduct extensive research and analysis, and then provide essential advice for health and social care policy making.

The DH also creates and circulates a range of different publications, including statistical reports, white papers, press releases and health surveys. Consequently, a range of analysts, researchers, statisticians and marketing professionals are required to help produce and distribute these documents effectively.

One of DH’s central objectives is to improve its constituent organisations’ operational performances. Consequently, it employs people in business analyst and other management consultancy roles to offer practical guidance to institutions, promote business success and influence how their departments are managed.

Furthermore, as with any government department, the DH would not be able to function without the civil servants who work in administrative support, corporate services and I.T. careers.

The DH offers a range of full-time and part-time positions and every year it takes graduates through the Civil Service Fast Stream programme. Other external job vacancies within the organisation tend to be advertised on the DirectGov and Civil Service Jobs websites.

For more information on the hundreds of different career options within other health and social care institutions, check out the Health & Social Care sector now!

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