UCAS Tariff Calculator

Most university courses require you to have a certain number of UCAS points. But how can you work out what grades you’ll need?

Handily, there’s a system for converting qualifications, like A-levels, International Baccalaureate Diplomas or BTEC Diplomas, into UCAS points, so you can tally everything up easily with the help of a good old calculator.

Take a look at the tables below to work out how your grades translate into UCAS points:

A levels:

  • A* = 140
  • A = 120
  • B = 100
  • C = 90
  • D = 60
  • E = 40

AS Levels:

  • Worth half of an A level, e.g. = 60

We haven’t included all of the qualifications that can be converted into UCAS points, but you can find them here. Bear in mind that some universities won’t recognise some qualifications, or might specify exactly what qualifications and grades you will need, regardless of how many UCAS points you have.