Is industrial engineering the same as manufacturing engineering?

The term ‘industrial engineer’ can often be quite confusing. It’s often thought of as a simple manufacturing engineering job. However, there’s so much more to it than that.

Industrial engineers work across all different types of industries, from investment banking and transport, to media and healthcare. Essentially, it’s all about making things better. Still none the wiser? Keep reading and find out more!

What do industrial engineers do?

Industrial engineering is a business-focused discipline, which influences all kinds of different organisations and their processes, systems and operations.

As an industrial engineer, you’ll be concerned with finding a better way to make a product, service or process faster and easier. You’ll be conducting analysis and then implementing strategic and technical solutions to do things in a safer, more efficient and less expensive way. Basically, it’s all about enhancing profitability, customer service and the quality of products and services for your clients.

Is a degree in industrial engineering enough to succed in the industry?

Employers will be looking for candidates with a degree in industrial engineering. On top of this, you’ll need a fantastic mix of technical ability and a practical and logical approach to problem-solving. An acute eye-for-detail is also necessary.

Industrial engineers combine expert mathematical skills with logic and strategic skills. They also develop a broad range of expertise and knowledge in money, people, mathematical principles, psychology, physical sciences, social sciences, equipment and resources to provide business and management solutions in a quantifiable way.

Basically, these guys use a mixture of technical, scientific and analytical skills to solve problems and make significant changes to businesses.

A common task for an industrial engineer would be to manage a project and plan out who does what, decide when they do it and how they could do it better.

This could also mean speeding up production and distribution processes by analysing a supply chain down to every last detail. No factor can be overlooked in industrial engineering. It’s all about meticulous analysis and making positive changes.

If we’ve caught your attention with this one then perhaps a career in industrial engineering is the job for you! Have a look at the industrial engineering roles we have on offer!

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