Why is office based administration crucial to any business?

Getting things done is what business is all about. Strategists dream up the vision of the company and the long-term goals, but all of that fancy rhetoric needs to be turned into a reality. Administration achieves these goals.

Virtually every industry has some form of administrative requirement; such is the broad nature of this industry. Receptionists, secretaries, personal assistants, support officers and people in many other administrative positions are responsible for ‘getting things done’ in the business world.

Delivering on instructions is what powers our economy. Management and administration professionals work hand-in-hand to make strategies become a reality.

What career opportunities are there in office based administration?

Administrators are responsible for completing any supportive task required by an organisation, whether it involves assisting investment bankers with the paperwork required to do a deal, informing the managing director of where his next meeting is, or managing an entire office.

Mostly, when people refer to administration careers they will be talking about people in assistant-level positions who are responsible for routine office duties. You might be involved in ordering and delivering goods, motivating others, dealing with paperwork or answering customer complaints. It all depends on the industry you wish to work in.

However, managers also fall under the sphere of administration. For example, you could be an office manager or a programme support officer who is responsible for directing and motivating others in the office.

There are administration career opportunities in every sector; however there are more options in some industries than others. For example, local government, health, finance, transport and the manufacturing sector all provide a substantial amount of opportunities and routes for career progression. There are over four million people employed in administrative roles across Britain, with half a million positions held in the 170 odd civil service departments.

What qualities are essential for a role in office based administration?

When it comes to pursuing an administrative career path, teamwork is essential. It is very likely that you will function as part of a wider team that is focused on completing a group task. As such, you need to be able to rely on other people and deliver for them as well.

Communication, organisational and problem-solving skills are a must. Managers and strategists will ask you to achieve an objective, but often you will be left to your own devices to complete it. As with most other industries, career progression brings additional responsibilities and the possibility of coordinating administrative teams. Beyond that, managerial opportunities exist for those with a future in administration careers.

Careers in office based administration are, therefore, by no means all about going wild with post-it notes (though if you saw our office here at AAC you would think quite differently!). If you like the thought of being part of what keeps most industries running smoothly then why not apply for some administration roles — this could be the career path for you!

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