What is a Postgraduate Degree?

In medieval universities, a master’s degree or doctorate often took 12 years to complete. Blimey! Thankfully though, nowadays you can

What is an MBA?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It’s a top level, internationally-recognised business qualification, designed to train up the next

Part-time Study

Part-time study becomes ever more popular as people try to juggle earning with learning. Whether you’re picking up a professional

Master’s Degree

The humble master’s degree has experienced a surge in popularity over the last decade. Every year a significant proportion of

Is the LLM worth it?

Some might dread the thought of spending yet another year at a university, doing even more reading, writing even longer

Conversion Courses

Conversion courses would be more aptly named “crash courses”. They are intensive courses designed to get you up to speed

Research Degrees

There comes a time in your university education when everything becomes a lot more research-focused. If you’re keen on pursuing