Tax Attorney in Maryland

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In Maryland taxes must be filed by April 15 th, which is pretty much the same as most other states as well as the IRS. You can get the forms to file your tax returns, such as the form 503 and 502CR for credits, from the Comptroller of Maryland, and you can also file online. However you decide to file your tax returns, the essential part is to get them filed on time and make sure that they are accurate. Bear in mind that Maryland operates within four tax brackets and the tax rate can range from 2% to 4.75%. There are also a number of possible exemptions and deductions to take into account.

If you find yourself in trouble with the tax authorities, it is important to contact a Maryland tax lawyer as soon as possible to minimize stress and financial damage to yourself. Of course, your decision as to whether you use a Maryland tax lawyer may depend on a number of factors. For instance, if you are being penalized for something small such as late filing of taxes then you may prefer not to go to the expense of hiring a Maryland tax lawyer. However, if you are in dispute with the tax office or serious action is being taken against you, you are strongly advised to enlist the services of a Maryland tax lawyer – an expert in field of Maryland tax laws and regulations.

Some of the serious actions you may come across include heavy fines, court actions, liens, and levies. In such circumstances, the skill and expertise of an experienced and highly qualified Maryland tax lawyer can make all the difference. Any money you spend on the services of a Maryland tax attorney could be more that recouped through the money that your lawyer could save you on the financial penalties imposed. Also, using a Maryland tax lawyer will help to reduce the worry and stress of dealing with tax problems, because the tax lawyer will deal with the relevant authorities on your behalf.