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Indonesia Internship Program

International Humanity Foundation
International Humanity Foundation
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  • Salary: Full Time Voluntary Internship
  • Deadline: Ongoing
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    • Indonesia

Location – Bali then either Jakarta or Medan, Indonesia

Available Places – 9 per year

Program Type – Full Time Voluntary Internship

Program Length – 12 months

Program Cost – None


• Intern as a Director of one of IHFs partner Education Centres in Indonesia. IHF is a registered US 501(c) charitable organisation which provides funding for partner organisations in Medan, Jakarta and Bali Indonesia.

• Experience the chance to live and work in 2-3 distinctly different Indonesian cities learning first hand how breath-takingly beautiful and culturally diverse the country of Indonesia is.

• Organise and manage teams of international volunteers located at each of the centres with a focus on our English language programs

• You will learn the Indonesian language and help IHF, through our Indonesian partner, to deliver its projects in Indonesia

• Use your education, skills and experiences to design and oversee community-based programs which meet the needs of the children and the communities the centre supports

• Be responsible for all aspects of local and international fundraising projects

• Work with and manage geographically disbursed teams across IHF’s centres helping IHF to deliver it global mission to educate the poorest and to provide an education on them to the world

• Developing In-depth knowledge and experience of the operations of an International NGO

• The opportunity to work across multiple job roles within the organisation including; PR & Marketing, Legal, Finance, Media, Social Work/Care, IT, Policy-Making, Research, Education and Training, program management

• Be actively involved in helping the organisation to develop and adapt its policy and procedures

• Opportunity to conduct field research into relevant fields in Sociology, Social Care, Education, Cultural, Medical, or Poverty/Developmental Studies or other similar degree programs

• Obtain course credit for vocational, undergraduate or postgraduate degrees

Through its partner organisations the International Humanity Foundation funds the running of 3 Education Centres located in Bali, Medan and Jakarta. Though each centre has unique needs and challenges the primary goal of each is the same, to provide free supplementary education for children from economically under privileged backgrounds. Secondary goals are to ensure centers are a integeral part of the local community, providing services and hosting projects for their benefit, and to embolden the children we serve by introducing them to educated role models from across the world.

The Program

This fulltime internship is designed to develop futures leaders and managers for International Development NGOs. This is a 12-month program, volunteers will begin their Internship on the island of Bali living and working at our education centre there. Bali’s economy is almost entirely reliant on tourism and most careers are focused in these industries. The Bali centre gives children from local villages the chance to meet and learn from international travellers and volunteers in an informal teaching environment. Interns will develop an appreciation for the religious and cultural differences that exist in Bali and more widely in the rest of Indonesia, the challenges for children from economically challenged backgrounds in sharing the benefits of International investment. Interns are expected to lead informal English classes, help to plan, organise and execute community-based projects either from the centre or within the wider communities the centre serves. Interns will be based in Bali for between 4 & 6 months, during this time they will be trained on the operational procedures required to oversee the successful management of an IHF Education Centre and be responsible for helping to organising and manage the centres international volunteers. They will also have the opportunity to learn Indonesian.

On completion of their time in Bali Interns will then relocate to one of IHFs other education centres in either Medan or Jakarta. Using the skills and experience they gained during their time in Bali, the Intern will collaborate with the other members of the Internship program taking responsibility for overseeing the operation of that centre and its education programs. Both centres will present the intern with unique challenges in terms of management of local volunteers, recruitment, training as well as being responsible for the centres PR & Marketing, Finance, Media and local and international fundraising. Typically centres will each have between 3 interns at anyone time, Interns will work as a team to deliver the existing programs and into identify community needs and develop new programs to address them. Interns will use their education and experience to develop these programs and they should be a reflection of the Interns personal goals and interests as they pertain to their intended career in the industry. IHF provides guidance and support for all project and programs developed as part of its internships and will work with employers and educational institutions to help candidates to receive certification or course credit linked to this internship. All projects and programs developed as part of this internship must be endorsed by IHFs Executive team and fit with IHF and partner organisations missions.

Interns are expected to meet the high standards set by IHFs executive team and help to ensure the delivery of our programs on the ground in Kenya, as well as those of the International NGO in the US and across our centres. During your time with IHF you will have the opportunity to work across many of the job roles and IHF task teams which are required for the successful operation of an international NGO. Your teams will be made up of volunteers working across IHFs centres around the world and will require you to set strategies and targets to meet the organisations requirements. You should be comfortable working independently and to deadlines, be confident and self-motivated, and, most importantly, be able to seek help and guidance when required.

• You will live on site initially at IHFs Bali centre, following which you will be placed in either IHFs Jakarta or Medan centre, Interns could also be based at all three centres

• You will be trained in the management and operation of IHFs education centre

• You will oversee and participate in teaching classes at the education centre for which full training will be given before and during your time at the centre, no teaching experience is necessary

• You will have the opportunity to manage a local NGO and to develop and implement projects related to IHFs local mission with a team of local and international volunteers

• You will have the exclusive opportunity to live and work across this diverse and beautiful country from the white sand beaches and spa’s or Bali to working amongst the international financial and technological giants based in one of South East Asia largest and most vibrant cities of Jakarta or between the jungles, lakes and volcanic mountains of Northern Sumatra and Medan

• Manage task teams in areas such as PR & Marketing, Legal, Finance, Media, Social Work/Care, IT, Policy-Making, Research, Education and Training working with teams which are globally disbursed

• Learn about the distinctly different cultures and histories across and a new language

How the Internship is funded

As an International Intern IHF will fund the cost of your stay at our Kenya centre inclusive of all meals and accommodation. Interns are required to pay the cost of their travel to and from the centre and for any necessary visa and associated legal costs. IHF provides a small living stipend.

IHF will provide:

Provide pre-trip advise and training in preparation of the teaching aspect of the role

Assistance and advice in obtaining all necessary visas (acceptance onto the program is not a guarantee of a visa as these are granted at the discretion of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia)

Advice and training prior to your arrival at our centre

Advice on flights and travel to the Bali centre and throughout Indonesia

Help and support in county, along with ideas and advice on things to do in and around Bali, Medan Jakarta and across Indonesia

How to apply

IHF accepts Global Leadership Development Internship applicants on an ongoing basis, you can Apply here.

Details of all our volunteer programs can be found on our website.

For more details on our next intake date, to request a prospectus or for any other inquiries contact our Volunteer team here.

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