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Supply, Storage and Distribution Specialist

Royal Air Force
Royal Air Force
  • Entry Requirements: Be aged 16-36, UK citizen or dual/UK holder
  • Salary: During training= £15,200+ Benefits / Initial pay after training= £18,800 + Benefits
  • Deadline: Ongoing
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The RAF can't operate without supplies of food, fuel and equipment. As an RAF Supply, Storage and Distribution Specialist you will be a vital part of all RAF operations in the UK and worldwide.

You will be responsible for the management of RAF assets; from storage to distribution, ensuring the right kit gets to the right place, at the right time. You will be part of a team handling over a million different items, and using the very latest storage methods, material handling equipment and computerised accounting techniques to carry out your work. You could be in the office organising the supply of crucial equipment for field missions one day, to outside on airfields refuelling fighter jets the next. Your role is also critical to ensuring the delivery of urgent humanitarian aid in natural disaster zones.

You could be posted to any area of the RAF around the world, from a main supply unit to a squadron on NATO detachment. You could even serve with the Tactical Supply Wing and work on operations and exercises.

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Be aged 16-36

UK citizen or dual/UK holder

Commit to minimum 3 years post Phase Two Training

Health requirements & Fitness requirements