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Finance - Higher Apprenticeship

Severn Trent Water
Severn Trent Water
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Deadline: CLOSED
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  • Qualification Gained: Professional Qualification
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Find out how Finance can change lives.

This is a chance to develop in-depth knowledge of our financial systems, at a time when our industry is going through an incredible – and unparalleled – transformation.  Here, you’ll get a unique insight into the way one of the UK’s biggest businesses functions, as well as how we adapt to rapid, large-scale changes.

What you'll be doing

As an Apprentice on our Finance scheme, you’ll train for a nationally-recognised accounting qualification, as well as putting your knowledge into practice by working on live projects.  Rotating regularly around different roles, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about all of the things that make our business flow. That could include spending time in any one of the following departments:

Capital Accounting

Our Capital Accounting team works alongside Project Managers and Engineers in the field, helping them to manage and oversee the financing of all sorts of building projects, from underground pipes to water treatment works.

Management Accounting

This department sits at the heart of our finance function, and accounts for all of the essential things a FTSE 100 business needs to run, like salaries, cash management, insurance and rates.

Financial Operations

Financial Operations deal with accounts receivable and accounts payable or, to put it simply, all of the money we owe and all of the money we’re due.

Finance and Performance

Our Finance and Performance team help us to decide where to direct our spending next, for example, reinforcing flood defences in high-risk areas or preparing to comply with new regulatory standards.

How we'll support you:

An Apprentice mentor   

An experienced professional who will teach you about our work and guide your development.

Regular performance reviews with your manager

Quarterly reviews to help you outline clearly-defined goals and measure how you’re

developing against them.

National Qualification

We’ll also help you to pursue the nationally-recognised Level 4 AAT qualification.

Training and Development

Your rotation placements will allow you to develop the skills and experience that you’ll require to become an expert here, either through working in operational teams or on technical projects. During this time, you’ll combine on-the-job learning with formal, nationally recognised development training modules and have the opportunity to gain a Level 4 AAT qualification.

To help you drive and own your career progression, we’ll provide you with a Personal Development Plan. This will be set and agreed with your line manager and reviewed regularly to inform your quarterly performance reviews.