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Trainee Operations Engineer, System Operator

National Grid
National Grid
  • Salary: £23,500
  • Deadline: CLOSED
  • Length of Programme: 2 Years
  • Entry Requirements: A Levels or equivalent , .
  • Qualification Gained: Degree
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    • Warwick

About the Role

National Grid is the sole owner and operator of the gas transmission infrastructure in Great Britain. It’s our task to ensure supply meets demand, by buying, selling and using stored gas.

At all times system pressures need to be maintained and the highest quality standards upheld to ensure the system is always operating within stringent safety limits. Does this sound like something you would enjoy being a part of?

As a Trainee Operations Engineer you will be working towards forming long term strategy, planning and real-time operation of the gas network in Great Britain as part of the team in the Gas System Operator.

As part of the role you’ll be expected to deliver the highest levels of service for our customers and stakeholders. This unique position at the heart of the energy industry gives us the privilege of shaping the future development of the NTS.

Key Tasks

Based in our Gas National Control Centre, whilst on the programme you will be exposed to new activities and deliver new services and innovative products to the gas industry to ensure you finish the programme ready to take your role in Gas Operations.

You will be involved in controlling and balancing the Nation’s gas demand with the supply we have in the pipelines across the country by:

- Developing and delivering SO/GSO requirements to meet agreed obligations

- Shadowing and assisting with specific network analysis tasks

- Devising and evaluating potential decision-making tools which could be used in a real-time environment

- Identifying scenarios that could potentially lead to operational or commercial issues

- Analysing supply and demand patterns to identify new ways to carry out forecasts and methodologies


Earn while you learn - Gain a bespoke Foundation Degree specific to Gas Transmission Engineering designed in collaboration with National Grid. This degree has over 30 courses from technically specific NTS courses to much wider engineering techniques such as electrical fitting and welding.

Mix of formal study at University, training at our state of the art residential Academy and practical experience to enable the development of well-rounded skills.

Site visits to all types of NTS connections all over the country and training at our brand new unique training AGI (the only one in Europe)Opportunity to specialise in a vital, demanding and growing areaOpportunity of a permanent job when the programme is satisfactorily completed