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How to Apply at Lowe’s?

Once Lowe’s was a small hardware store in North Carolina. Now, it has become one of the biggest home improvement retail chains. It has more than 2000 stores and 300,000 employees and continuously increasing career options. The brand sells products ranging from hardware, appliances to floorings and seasonal items.

To apply at Lowe’s, the candidate has to fill out the online application form or visit the nearest Lowe’s store and fill the application at the employment booth.

Job Requirements

The common jobs available at Lowe’s are assistant manager, cashier, team leader, customer service associate, receiver, sales associate, pricing coordinator, loader, warehouse worker, store manager, and assistant store manager.

To work at Lowe’s, here are some requirements that candidates must fulfill:

  • You must have experience of working in some retail environment.
  • You must have strong communication skills and math expertise.
  • Candidates interested in the associate position must know about various products available in the store, such as key cutters, panel saws, paint mixers, forklifts, and pallet jacks.
  • Candidates familiar with power tools, hardware, and appliances available in the store and garden and lawn are preferred.
  • Candidates interested in managerial positions must have a high school diploma and three to five years of working experience in retail.
  • Candidates interested in managerial positions must also have good knowledge of computer systems and handheld devices.
  • Candidates interested in entry-level positions don’t necessarily require a college degree.
  • Candidates must also be able to move 200 pounds with accommodations and 50 pounds without any assistance.

How Old You Must Be To Work At Lowe’s?

The minimum age for employees to work at Lowe’s is 18 years old. However, they can also hire candidates as young as 16 for non-hazardous and customer service roles.

How to Fill Out the Application?

  1. To apply online, go to Lowe’s career website (you can click the second button at the beginning of this post).
  2. You can select three types of jobs: Store, Corporate, or Distribution by clicking on Learn more.” This will bring you to the respective job opportunities page. Click the “View more jobs” button to look for the available career positions.
  3. You can search the jobs by using keywords, state/city, and location filters.
  4. Open the interested position, review the requirements, and click “Apply Now” for the online application.
  5. You need to sign in using your already existing Facebook, Twitter, etc. account or create a new account.
  6. After that, start filling the application form.
  7. Enter your personal information, employment history, and education history and submit it.
  8. To keep the follow-up, check the status by logging back into your profile or visiting the nearest store to ask the hiring manager about the next steps.
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