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How to Apply for a Job at Subway?

Being the fastest-growing fast-food restaurant globally, Subway offers thousands of full-time or part-time jobs to youngsters. If you are interested in working for the subway, applying online is best.

You have to fill out a job application form according to your desired location because every store is independently owned and has a different application process. 

You can find many vacant at every Subway restaurant in the US. They offer entry-level positions. You can log in to their official website, read job outlines, create a profile, and see reviews. It is important to fill each part of the application with correct and current information. 

You should follow up with the hiring manager at the restaurant after some days of submitting a job application. You can do this through email, phone calls as well as in person.  

Job Requirements for Subway Career

Most individuals are hoping for a chance to work at the most famous submarine sandwich franchise in the US. There are some job requirements you have to meet if you are looking for employment at Subway.

  • You must be 16-year-old or above.
  • Some stores may require new hires to pass the drug test before starting a job. 
  • For managerial positions, previous working experience is necessary.
  • The culinary experience is important.
  • Communication and organizational skills are essential to get the job. 
  • You have to be good at math and computers, which is necessary for these associates. 
  • You have to show good customer service skills and a strong work ethic. 
  • The company seeks employees with outgoing personalities. 
  • For the assistant manager position, you have to complete the course at the University of Subway.
  • You have to deal with food safety by following cleanliness standards.
  • A college education is a plus point.
  • Team management is necessary.
  • You have to be punctual and active if you want to get a job at Subway. 

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Subway?

Subway appoints minors of age 16 only for entry-level jobs and reserves managerial positions for candidates aged 18 and above. It is recommended to check the child labor laws of your state before you apply for Subway employment.

How to Fill Out Subway Application Form? 

You can find the Subway application form in PDF format online and submit it via My Subway Career Website. There are some essential steps you have to follow while applying for Subway employment. 

  • Step 1

Visit the official career website of Subway.

  • Step 2

Press the “Apply Now” button.

  • Step 3

Now you have to enter the zip code of the area you want to work.

  • Step 4

Go through all the specific locations the system identifies.

  • Step 5

Select the location of the store you want to work in by clicking the on-screen box. 

  • Step 6

Now fill out the job application form for subway employment.

  • Step 7

You have to select the position that is available at the specific restaurant.

  • Step 8

Fill out the form with your personal information like full name, mobile number, postal address, if applicable enter date of previous Subway employment, proof that you are 16-year-old or above, your legal documents as a US citizen, type of job you desire, working schedule, education history (name of the institution, state, years attended).

  • Step 9

Enter your detailed employment background. 

  • Step 10

References with detailed information and contact details.

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