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GameStop is the biggest video gaming retailer in the USA, founded in 2000. They sell new and used video games, their basics, and accessories. 

If you are looking for a workplace related to the gaming industry, GameStop is the perfect place because this is a retail chain with over 6,000 stores worldwide. They offer a variety of job options for interested people. 

The preferable age requirement for GameStop is eighteen, and you can get jobs like cashier, shift lead, assistant manager, game advisor, and store manager. 

Applying online is the best way to get a job at GameStop; you can browse available openings and log in to their official website. You can also visit their store and fill out the form and gather all information. But filling out an online form is recommended because it speeds up the process of hiring. 

Job Requirements for GameStop 

Here are some of the essential job requirements for the GameStop application.

  • Being friendly and polite is crucial.
  • You have to be good at convincing people by encouraging them so they can consider gaming magazine subscriptions. 
  • Punctuality and following the company rules are necessary.
  • Good at customer service with selling skills.
  • You must know gaming basics and the ability to learn to customize cash register systems. 
  • It would help if you had to be at least 16-year-old.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at GameStop?

The hiring manager of GameStop prefers candidates of age 18, but the company’s minimum age requirement is 16. 

You can get experience from the work world, one of the biggest video game retail chains, by doing cashier, shift lead, and many more. GameStop can be your first workplace if you have no previous working experience because the company doesn’t demand experience for entry-level jobs.

How to Fill Out the Application Form?

Most entry-level employees love GameStop because this gaming company sells pop culture goods and video games. If you are wondering how to fill the form, you can read the directions below for help completing the GameStop Application. 

  • First, open the form in PDF format. 
  • Now enter your data by entering your last, first, and middle name. Mention the date you fill the form and give your permanent home address, mobile number, and exact email address. 
  • Mention your age accurately because the GameStop hiring age is 16.
  • For citizenship status, whether you are a permanent US citizen or not, make sure to attach copies of the documents or mark the corresponding box. 
  • Now fill in the placement information like your desired position, whether you can work full time or only looking for a part-time job. 
  • Enter your available hours, mention your accurate scheduling, which is very important.
  • After this, state your desired hourly wages or salary along with the date you want to start. 
  • GameStop seeks employees that have some potential career history. So, make sure if you have any previous working experience, do mention it by adding your last work, supervisor name, and address. 
  • Write down your education history, like the name of the city-state of your high school. 
  • There is a section on the Pdf form where video game and software-related questions are mentioned. So, fill out this section by summarizing your experience using game consoles, PCs, and software. 
  • If you have any good references, it’s good to mention them because the company prefers employment contacts over personal ones.