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Salary: The average salary of a Barnes & Noble employee is $14.26 an hour, making $29,661 /year. The top 10% of employees can earn an average salary up to $61,000 a year, and the bottom 10% make less than $14,000 a year.

Location: USA

Full or part-time: Full time and part-time

Hiring Age: Minimum age for working is 16 years old

How to Apply at Barnes & Noble?

Barnes & Noble is the leading bookseller and retailer of other print and electronic education products. It earns more than $4 billion annually with 648 stores across 50 states of the United States.

As it works in 50 states as a bookstore and coffeehouse, it always needs careful and passionate individuals to work as full-time or part-time employees. The book retailer is committed to offering employment opportunities to all deserving individuals and is always considered a good name in terms of safe space for workers of different backgrounds.

Individuals who want to work here can apply for the open job position via their career page.

Else, you can download the PDF application form, fill it and submit it by hand.

Hopefuls can inquire about their application status by visiting their profile, calling the store manager, or emailing an HR representative.

How Old You Must Be To Work at Barnes & Noble?

Applicants who want to work at the store must be at least 16 years old to be considered for the job. The hiring managers are considerate of students’ schedules, so it would be easy for students to work there.

Job Requirements for Barnes & Noble Application

Typically, career options that you can find at Barnes and Noble are bookseller, cafe manager, Barista, cafe server, cashier, head cashier, warehouse worker, merchandise manager, and assistant store manager.

Candidates without previous experience and formal education also have chances to get hired for entry-level positions.

To get the job, you must fulfill some requirements, which are as follows:

  • Hopefuls must show motivation and empathy and have good communication skills
  • Candidates must have the capability to work in a team
  • Candidates who show respect and responsibility towards customers are preferred
  • Hopefuls must be at least 16 years old to apply for a job
  • Candidates familiar with retail practices get preference from hiring managers
  • Some job posts demand the candidate to be able to stand, bend, squat, lift and walk for the whole duration of the shift
  • Candidates interested in a Barista job must be experienced in food preparations and possess knowledge of various roasts and drinks
  • Hopefuls for the position of cashier must have leadership skills, communication skills, time management ability, and 1 year of experience

Additional Benefits:

Additionally, employees also get the following benefits:

  • Employee discount
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off

How to Fill Out the Application in PDF Format?

Hopefuls can submit the application form by visiting the company’s website. They can browse job positions and create a profile to apply for the job. Or they can submit a filled application form by hand.

Here is the process to apply for a job:

  1. Go to their career page
  2. Open the job link (e.g., retail, corporate, distribution) in which you are interested
  3. Filter the job results by using location or job keyword
  4. Click the job link where you want to apply
  5. Review the job details and hit on “Apply Now” button on top of the page
  6. Now, click the “Apply for this position” button
  7. Sign in with your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter account or create a new account and log in
  8. Enter your personal information such as
  • Name, Phone, Address, Postal code, Salary range
  • Your schedule availability
  • If you currently require visa sponsorship
  • Availability information
  • Resume
  • Employment history
  • Education History
  • Certificates/licenses
  1. Once you fulfill the PDF application form, submit it.

You must check your application status to show the desire for the job. You can inquire within

a week by logging in to your profile, calling the store manager, or emailing HR representatives.

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