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Sport & Recreation

Yoga Teacher

Job Description

Yoga is an exercise and meditation technique which is based around finding balance of mind through breathing, posture and stretching. As a teacher, you would instruct your students in the art of yoga in order to increase their fitness and personal health, in both body and mind.

The ‘positions’ are the key element of yoga, and they are supplemented by controlled breathing, visualisation techniques and meditation sessions, all of which you will teach your students as part of your job description.

You would be expected to plan lessons, instruct all abilities from beginners through to experienced users, and be able to adapt your knowledge to suit individual clients who might be using yoga as a respite from their various ailments. 

Salary & benefits

Because most yoga teachers work for themselves, their annual income will completely depend on how much business there is in their location, and the amount that people are willing to pay for classes, as well as how many classes they can teach or if you can forge links with a gym or another fitness organisation.

Teachers will privately usually charge a session or hourly rate, which would be between £5 and £10 per person per session for a group class, or between £35 and £60 for a private session where you would have to work on an individual's personal problems.

Working hours

Many teachers work part time, because they set their own working hours. Due to the nature of clients also being working people, classes are often needed at night or at the weekends, which mean that work can be unequally spread out. 

You might also work at several places - at gyms or health centres - and teach classes on behalf of an organisation for a set cost. 


To become a yoga instructor, you need two years experience practising with a qualified teacher and your own teaching qualification, such as the nationally recognised CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Teaching Yoga which is offered by a whole host of different providers.

By achieving this qualification, you further qualify as a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals, which shows that you meet industry standards of quality and good practice. 

Before you begini work as an instructor though, you will need the right insurance cover. If you have achieved membership of REP then they can help you to get the right insurance.

Training & progression

One you've qualified, you'll need to keep up to date with the industry and stay on top of any changes. You'll be expected to attend training days to keep your training relevant and current, and they will be held around the country to make this as easy as possible.

There are further things you can then learn to improve your range of yoga knowledge and to be able to instigate new techniques and classes for your clients, including yoga for children, for pregnancy, for rheumatitis and combining yoga with other sports, such as yoga-boxing.

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