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Government Legal Profession


Government Legal Profession


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Government Legal Profession

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There are many lawyers working within the government legal community.

Government lawyers have a unique legal practice in the sense that they have only one client—but that client is the government of the day. Whether the government is creating new legislation, buying goods and services, employing people or defending its decisions in court, it needs significant levels of legal advice. To carry out this work, the government needs its own lawyers who understand its business.

Government lawyers work not only with other lawyers but also as part of a wider team including policy makers and professionals from other specialist areas. They are involved in making the law as well as in interpreting it.

The work is complex, novel, politically sensitive and frequently in the public eye. The diversity of the legal work reflects the wide range of activities within government. These range across issues of national and international significance and across public and private law, embracing advisory and legislative work, litigation and prosecution and a wealth of specialist areas. There is often considerable overlap between categories of work. A case before the UK courts, for example, might require lawyers to advise on public law issues, on European Union (EU) and human rights law and on changes needed to primary or secondary legislation.

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