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Sales: Estate Agents

Why do we need estate agents?

Throughout our lives, we’ll all deal with estate agents at one time or another. Whether you’re choosing your student house, buying your first home, letting a property, or looking for an office for your new company, these guys are responsible for making it all happen. Without them, we’d probably all be living in trees throwing our own faeces at each other. Well, maybe not.

Seriously though, if you have a passion for sales, bags of confidence and great communication skills, this could be just the job for you.

What different markets can an estate agent specialise in?

Very simply, estate agents act as intermediaries between their clients who are looking to sell or let their properties and people who are actually looking for properties to buy or rent. Usually, you will specialise in one specific market – either sales or lettings. The majority of estate agents normally work in the residential property market.

However, instead of going down that route, you could also focus your efforts on dealing with commercial properties or land. Some people even work in the property management department of estate agencies and help out current tenants with problems that they are having with their properties. This means that landlords don’t have to deal with such issues themselves.

One of the major pulls of a career as an estate agent is that you’ll be rewarded on a commission basis. For every deal you do, you’ll get a bonus. This is a constant form of motivation, which keeps you on your toes and encourages improvement.

How do I begin a career in estate sales?

It’s already been mentioned, but there’s no harm in saying it twice: you’ll need to be outgoing and have bags and bags of confidence to be a good estate agent. Your personality, skills and knowledge are arguably more important than your academic prowess.

It’s about creating an environment where you’re friendly and helpful, but also able to seal a deal when you need to. However, a business-related degree or a qualification in estate management or land studies could enhance your chances of securing a role.

Residential vs. commercial estate agents

You’ve got two main options. You could become a residential estate agent who deals with houses, apartments, flats, bungalows, penthouses, land for residential use and brand spanking new eco-houses.

Alternatively, you could try your hand at becoming a commercial estate agent, where your stomping ground would be properties used for business purposes, such as office buildings, shops, factories, hotels, warehouses and land for commercial or industrial use.

What would I be doing as an estate agent?

If you take on a job as an estate agent, you’ll spend your days checking out properties, collecting detailed information about them and contacting professional photographers so that they can take photos of the rooms. You’ll also spend a big chunk of your time talking to sellers and landlords about their properties and then showing buyers and potential tenants around places in order to stimulate their interest.

As you gain a bit more experience, you will be required to value properties. This involves evaluating the size and condition of properties, taking the surrounding area into account and assessing any other external factors that could affect the price.

What’s more, you’ll need to put your marketing skills to the test and promote the properties you’re selling. Estate agents also need to make sure they keep their finger on the pulse of the property market. If you keep on top of buying trends, then you can anticipate what kind of properties will start selling more.

Furthermore, you can’t afford to be out of touch, as your clients will be relying on you for advice and will make big decisions based on your knowledge. After all, your main responsibility will be to help buyers and potential tenants to choose what properties to go for. Should they go for the super modern penthouse apartment or the four-storey Victorian town house?

You won’t be making the actual decision, of course, but by using your charm and powers of persuasion you will certainly have an emphatic influence on such choices.

Does this sound like an accommodating career choice? If yes, then there might well be a home for you in estate agency! Check out some estate sales roles and get applying!

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