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The importance of a good sales and customer service team

Absolutely huge sums of money characterise the business side of the energy and utilities industry. Billions of pounds can change hands when it comes to funding everything, from the oil rigs and the refineries, to the pipelines and transport systems.

Without these ‘deals’, every other aspect of the company would collapse. As such, the sales and customer services teams are absolutely crucial. Not only is it important to generate new business, but keeping your customers happy is more important than ever.

Customers are everything to all businesses – without them, everything would fall apart. The sales team ensures that there is a steady flow of new business coming into a company, while the customer services operations keep existing customers happy. These two teams are fundamental.

Where do sales and customer service representatives come in?

If you pursue a career on the sales side of things, you are likely to be responsible for managing relationships with giant organisations, helping to identify and address their energy needs, as well as looking for new ways to generate further income.

When it comes to customer service, energy and utility companies have absolutely huge customer bases. We’re not talking about looking after a handful of people here: there are millions of people using their services each day that require a significant amount of assistance. If their power is off in their home, it’s a huge deal for them. Whether you’re manning the phones, managing centres or helping to devise new systems to improve customer care, it is all extremely important for the business.

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