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Sales: Construction Materials, Equipment & Resources

Pursuing a career in construction materials, equipment and resources sales…

Construction companies need to buy materials, equipment and resources before they can build anything. Construction projects can be especially complex and expensive. Consequently, building service companies want to buy specialist products at a cost-effective price. This is where construction sales professionals come in.

Who works in construction sales?

People who pursue careers in construction sales tend to work on behalf of building materials suppliers and construction machinery and equipment companies. They will have a great knowledge of the construction industry in general, and possess a detailed understanding of how certain materials and equipment are used.

This expert industry knowledge will allow them to approach new construction companies and anticipate their needs, before selling them the appropriate materials, resources and equipment.

What are the responsibilities of a construction salesperson?

The overall objective for construction sales professionals is to improve sales figures and boost revenue for their companies. The sales activity for these guys can vary from day-to-day. Often, they may be telephoning prospective clients to understand their materials, resources and equipment needs.

Sometimes they may be required to visit larger construction companies and pitch to them in face-to-face situations. Consequently, people in these careers might be required to travel around the country a fair bit to deliver presentations.

It is very rare that a construction sales professional will be pitching to an individual consumer. Consequently, the majority of construction sales activity focuses on business-to-business (B2B) sales.

What is equipment hire?

People who work in construction sales could be selling all kinds of materials and equipment, from gravel and granite, to timber and tractors. One specialist area of construction sales is in equipment hire. Specialist construction equipment can be expensive for construction companies to buy. Consequently, they can hire machinery from specialist ‘plant hire’ companies.

Sales in this area can be especially beneficial to these hire companies, as they can effectively sell the same equipment to different clients for a limited time period, without losing anything or having to produce more equipment. While the sales margin on these transactions might be lower, these salespeople are likely to do more deals, more regularly. Therefore, their commission earnings will be pretty consistent.

How do I get into construction sales?

To be successful in this area of sales, you will need to be confident, friendly and have excellent communication and presentation skills. You could be required to travel and therefore you will have to be able to cope with being frequently on the move. As in all sales careers, hard work, determination and energy will be rewarded handsomely.

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