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Retail: In-house Marketing & PR

Why is an in-house marketing and PR retail team necessary?

Brand identity and public image is of paramount importance to retail companies. While many organisations will employ external marketing and PR agencies to carry out their promotional activity, some of the larger retail companies have their own in-house marketing and PR teams.

Retail is a highly competitive industry. In order to thrive, retail companies need to market their products and get their name out there.

Marketing and PR can be especially important for online retail companies, as customers cannot just wander into a website when they’re walking down the high street! After all, it seems obvious that they will need to hear about the site before they can visit it.

What does an in-house marketing and PR retail team do?

Consequently, in-house marketing and PR departments will organise events, product launches and new store openings. They will coordinate innovative multimedia marketing campaigns, send sample products to magazines and newspapers, send out press releases and generally maintain the shop’s ethos and image in its retail establishments.

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