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Regeneration, Renovation & Redevelopment

Why is it important to regenerate, renovate and redevelopment existing buildings?

The world we live in is constantly changing. Whether it’s fashion, culture or construction, it can all be summed up by something Bob Dylan once said: “the times, they are a changing.” Town centres, suburbs and other areas go through a constant cycle, from new, to weathered, to old, to dilapidated. It is at this point that regeneration, renovation and redevelopment come into play.

This can involve anything really: a housing estate, an office block, an individual building or a whole town centre. The fact that buildings inevitably get old as time passes by ensures that there is always the opportunity for careers in regeneration, renovation and redevelopment projects.

Putting aside the fact that old structures can start to look pretty darn unattractive, they can also be extremely dangerous to the public. Buildings in dire need of structural attention can represent a huge hazard to the general public. Consequently, many careers have emerged in this subsector to ensure that accidents do not happen as a result of ramshackle buildings.

Who is involved in construction regeneration, renovation and redevelopment?

Town planners are very much involved in the initial stages of large scale regeneration projects. Whole city landscapes can be transformed in these projects. However, such initiatives can pose huge logistical issues and other matters, such as protected buildings, must be considered for such large scale operations. A town planner’s job is to ensure that everything is planned in line with building regulations and nobody is adversely affected by the changes.

Builders, site engineers, site managers, construction operatives and virtually any other professional involved in the construction industry will feature in these projects.

What is building regeneration?

Regeneration is a particularly popular word with politicians and councillors. Many will often promise to regenerate certain areas as part of their election campaigns to appeal to the people within that specific borough.

However, regeneration projects are not all about politics, they are also about bricks and mortar. Over the last two decades, a significant number of UK town centres have gone through this process of ‘regeneration’, which effectively involves large-scale demolition and reconstruction projects.

What is building renovation?

Renovation plays host to one hundred and one different TV programmes, where rundown houses are purchased, turned around and sold for a cheeky profit. This is probably the smallest of the infinite amount of renovation projects out there.

These might include: reinstating once grand theatres to their former glory, repairing Victorian piers that are about to fall into the sea, or simply reinvigorating huge office blocks in need of some care and attention.

What is building redevelopment?

Redevelopment involves construction on a site that has been used previously. For example, an old commercial unit, a disused factory, or an old mill can be redeveloped into luxury apartments or office spaces.

As times change and the economy evolves, buildings can render themselves useless unless they adapt to the requirements of the time. A familiar scene in many city centres now is old factory units that have been transformed into swanky apartments. The costs of UK production can’t compete with doing the same abroad, so companies leave and the building goes quiet.

Redevelopers then move in, convert the use of the building and once again it’s alive and kicking. Simple. Are you the kind of person who swoons over old redbrick industrial buildings? Do you want to regenerate an area, completely change its skyline and make it more desirable? If yes, this might well be the right career path for you — take a shot at some construction job roles!

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