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Public Relations: Account Administration

Account administration in the PR industry

Today, PR consists of so much more than making the odd call and pinging out press releases. It’s about lending an ear, or a helpful hand, to pretty much everything. Social networking and media communications are becoming ever prominent, but knowing your clients’ needs like the back of your hand is the key to success.

Without account administrators making things tick, PR account managers wouldn’t have the capacity to get projects out on time.

How do I become a PR account administrator?

A PR account administrator will need to have exceptional organisational skills, an eye for detail and more energy than you could shake a PR stick at. They have very little to do with the creative side of PR, but as their career develops they will be expected to brainstorm and present ideas from time to time.

Day to day, account administrators are required to be energetic and have their fingers on the pulse of the media. They are the eyes and ears of the agency, and are likely to be spending their mornings knee deep in newspapers, keeping up to date with the latest news.

So, if you can be counted on, you’re organised, with one finger on the pulse and all the other fingers typing away, a career in PR accounts administration might be perfect for you!

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