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Production Management & Planning

What is production management?

Look around you! Pretty much everything you see will have had a production team working on it before it left the factory and was released into the big wide world.

From the mobile phones we use, to the cars we drive and the shoes we wear – their production was all dependent on a carefully crafted, well-devised production line that was planned and managed by the head-honchos of the manufacturing world, a.k.a. the production managers and production supervisors. Perhaps making that project run smoothly appeals to you - if so, read on, for a graduate job in this field may beckon!

The whole idea of a production planning and management job is to make sure every single cog in the production line is oiled to perfection (in both the true sense of the phrase and metaphorically speaking). From its humble beginnings as a blueprint, to the time the product leaves the factory, every stage is as important as the last.

Understandably, production managers and supervisors are in charge of all the production activity. Consequently, they need to be able to take the lead and encourage their production team, like a general giving a stirring motivational speech to rally the troops. The real key to success is ensuring that your team is happy and completely up to the task!

What roles are available in production management?

All factory workers will be under the instruction of the production manager. He or she is definitely the big dog – the Simon Cowell of the production world, if you will.

The production manager’s job is all about keeping manufacturing processes and procedures in check, through extensive planning and supervision. Their responsibility is to make sure that each and every production run is carried out efficiently, cost-effectively and to a remarkably high standard.

Therefore, if you take on a production manager role, you’ll be responsible for all the staff who work on the production line. You’ll be giving them responsibilities of their own and making sure they work to the high standards set by yourself.

You could be taking charge of all kinds of production lines, such as overseeing a clothing line or safety checking the air bags in cars. It varies massively depending on which line of work you get into.

In larger organisations, you may be supported by a production supervisor, who takes the reins when you are busy elsewhere and primarily focuses their efforts on direct supervision and man-management.

The production manager also works alongside the factory manager and together they make a pretty convincing dream team. They may not ice skate magnificently like Torvill and Dean or dish out the cheeky banter like Ant and Dec, but the world of manufacturing and production would certainly be a hopeless mess without them.

Reckon you could manage all that? Seeing supervision in your future? If so, a career in production management and planning might be just the ticket.

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