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How varied are the tasks of a plumber?

We’ve all been there: 4am, crash from the bathroom, you wake up bleary-eyed to investigate… only to find toilet water absolutely everywhere. The tanks only gone and overflowed! Okay, so it might not have happened to everyone, but it happens quite often. More so than you think!

That’s where plumbers come in to play. These guys are on hand to clear up the mess, fix the problem and potentially install a new unit.

But the job of a plumber doesn’t stop there! Oh no! Keep reading and find out more.

Plumbers have certainly got their hands full. The day-to-day tasks you’d be responsible for are so varied that it’s tricky to know where to start. Basically, plumbers are involved with the installation and repair of various household systems, namely the sanitation units (toilets, sinks and baths), heating systems (radiators and boilers) and ventilation appliances (air conditioning).

How do I pursue a career as a plumber?

It’s possible to pursue a career as a plumber without a university degree. It’s more important to know about the tools and skills that are needed to fix, maintain and install the household systems mentioned above. You can learn these skills through apprenticeships or internships. Many employers also look for candidates with an NVQ in plumbing, and either a level two or three is usually needed.

The more work experience you get, the more grounded and skilled you become in the art of plumbing. If you can find work shadowing an experienced plumber, then you’ll put yourself in a great position for securing a permanent role.

For any aspiring plumbers who are interested in the gas supply industry, it’s worth noting that you must register with the Gas Safe Register.

What do plumbers take care of?

The work itself can focus on anything from routine boiler checks and the servicing of various household appliances, to conducting repair work and designing entire household plumbing systems.

You could be working on brand new houses, or on older properties in need of re-installation. You might even get the chance to work on major projects at larger sites, such as schools, hospitals and factories.

If you become a plumber, you’ll need to become highly skilled at installing everything related to the world of plumbing. You’re not just there to fix things! This means becoming an expert on sinks, toilets, baths, boilers, drainpipes, gutters and pretty much everything else you see in and around a house.

Your career will also involve providing general advice and quotes for clients and sometimes working closely with builders and other building services professionals.

Handy with a spanner? Feel right with a ratchet? Take a look at what plumbing jobs are currently available. It sounds like career in plumbing might be in the pipeline for oyou!

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