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Metals, Construction & Industrial Materials

What does a career in metals, construction & industrial materials involve?

There’s still a large industry in the UK that revolves around sourcing raw materials from the land and turning them into tools and products to be used in construction and industrial processes. Sheffield, for example, is as famous for its steelworks as it is for the Arctic Monkeys and The Full Monty. Probably even more so!

Pretty much every area of construction and industrial work involves the use of raw materials that have been refined and processed, such as bricks for housing, steel for the car industry and marble for tables and floors. This kind of production work can take place in a wide variety of environments, including steelworks, factories and quarries.

It’s all about crushing and separating raw materials and then processing them into usable commodities. For all the roles in this area of manufacturing and production, it’s absolutely imperative to have good industry knowledge. This means having an understanding of the materials, the methods and the tools involved in extracting and processing the raw materials you’re working with.

Having an awareness of health and safety issues is also imperative, as it’s important to comply with industry standards. Furthermore, in all positions, you will to need learn how specialist machinery is operated and maintained.

What can I expect from this career?

It goes without saying that these career paths can involve a lot of hard work. You might be working long hours, outdoors in the mud and rain, but it’s extremely satisfying to know that you’re part of a successfully planned operation. You’ll need to be a hard worker, but the job satisfaction you’ll get is superb!

A lot of the work revolves around sourcing ‘aggregates’. These are the key raw materials that are used in all areas of the construction industry. Without these valuable resources, nothing would get built and the UK economy would remain stagnant.

You could get involved with project management, transporting the materials, managing the belt conveyors, operating the earth-moving equipment, and so on. All in all, it’s all about making sure production operations run as smoothly, efficiently and lucratively as possible.

If you’re a bit of a metal head, with nerves of steel and an iron will, then a career in metals, construction and industrial materials may suit you down to the core.

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