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What are some lesser-known areas of marketing?

Jobs in marketing are so varied from one day to the next, and your career possibilities are virtually endless! In this section, you’ll be given a brief insight into some of the more unusual, yet equally effective, marketing avenues that can be taken.

What is word-of-mouth marketing?

In this increasingly technologically-savvy world, word-of-mouth is still up there as one of the most powerful forms of marketing. The best word-of-mouth marketing comes from satisfied customers (this is the type of marketing that money really can’t buy). Another form of word-of-mouth marketing comes from getting out of the office, into the big wide world and spreading the good word yourself. One way to do this might be through social networking websites!

Careers in this area involve developing an unrivalled knowledge of your customers’ needs, what they like and how to approach them. Excellent research skills are therefore a key attribute to have. 

What is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing differs greatly from other forms of marketing. It’s less immediate and recognises the long-term satisfaction of the customer, rather than looking at short-term goals. It relies on two approaches: satisfaction and retention. Relationship marketing focuses on communicating with customers in order to ensure they are satisfied, and holding on to their satisfied customers through various reward schemes.

This can involve anything from money-off vouchers, to marketing campaigns such as Orange’s innovative ‘Orange Wednesdays’ campaign.

What is guerrilla marketing?

If you’ve heard stories about people getting advertising slogans shaved into the backs of their heads (or even ‘beardvertising’), or you’ve noticed an abundance of stickers and QR codes on escalators and lamp posts, then you’ve seen guerrilla marketing in action. While curiosity might have killed the cat, it can totally transform the exposure of a small marketing campaign.

If you ever find yourself working with a small budget, guerrilla marketing could be just the ticket. It’s certainly an acquired taste, but if you have a forward-thinking client who is open to new ideas, it can work perfectly. This unconventional marketing tool involves trying to get the most out something small and creating a lasting brand image in the consumer’s mind.

To work in this line of marketing, you will need to be inventive, do the majority of your thinking outside of the box and be able be to work to tight budgets.

What is mobile marketing?

Along with online marketing, mobile marketing is one of the newest channels being used to get a message across to customers. Companies are forever toying with different ways to reach consumers through their phones, especially with the rise of iPhone, Blackberry and Android apps.

Needless to say, a good knowledge of technology and a digital background is a must.

And some general advice on getting into marketing…

Whatever area of marketing you’re leaning towards, there are one or two consistent attributes you will need across all these avenues. You’ll need to be full of beans, forward-thinking and open to fresh ideas; but above all, you’ll need to have a near perfect knowledge of the market you’re working in. Eyes open and ears to the ground then, people!

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