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Market Research & Brand Consultancy

Market research and brand consultancy in the advertising sector…

Market researchers and brand consultants are the clever people who create surveys, amass information, analyse it and give presentations to clients. They usually work for professional market research and brand consultancy agencies and provide guidance to all kinds of organisations – from confectionary companies, to international aid charities.

Careers in this area are highly specialised. Unlike other jobs in marketing, you won’t necessarily be asked to turn your hand to a number of different sectors from day to day. Instead, it’s likely that you’ll become an expert in one particular field of research. For instance, you might offer services to a handful of different corporate clients and focus on carrying out consumer opinion studies for them.

What is the day-to-day life of a market researcher or a brand consultant?

As you’ve probably guessed, these roles come with a high level of responsibility. Organisations will invest a large wad of their cash into market research before launching a campaign. Planning and implementing successful research projects, and overseeing them from start to finish, can also provide you with a great sense of satisfaction.

To put it simply, there’s no such thing as a ‘typical day’. Although these roles typically rely on your expertise in a particular sector, the job itself can vary hugely from one day to the next. You might be setting up focus groups, researching ever-changing marketplaces, writing reports, making presentations and contacting your list of clients on a daily basis.

What technical and personal skills are essential for a role in market research and brand consultancy?

Employers will be looking for someone with an incredible eye for detail. You’ll also need to be personable and well-informed when offering advice on how the brand should move forward.

As with all marketing campaigns, knowing how to present your findings is one of the most essential skills you’ll need to grasp. You’ll also need a decent knowledge of Excel and other statistical software systems to help you get to grips with understanding, analysing and formulating your findings into a concise and presentable form.

If this ticks all the boxes for you – and you’re savvy with a survey – then be sure to take a look at our job profiles for market research and brand consultancy and maybe even submit some applications for advertising roles.

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